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Monday, February 9, 2009

Howdy Folks

Howdy howdy. I need to introduce myself. My name is FarmerGeek, and I will be helping out and posting here on the Ohio Preppers Network (OPN) as well as Joel the K. I figure if I am going to be posting here you should know some things about me, and who better to tell you than... me!

I am a homesteader. Ok, this doesn't mean that I am using the old homesteading laws to get land (hey, they removed that bill back in the '70s). What this does mean is that I (and my family) grow our food and raise food animals. We can and preserve our food in the fall for the winter, etc. We are very into personal responsibility and self-sufficiency. I was raised and have always been a big proponent for standing on my own two feet. I don't like having to rely on anyone else for anything that I need.

When it comes to prepping, we are not buying gas masks and gieger counters. But we are prepared with enough food to last us for a while. What happens if we got hit by an ice storm that came through not too long ago? We can survive.

To me, prepping is about being ready for anything and everything. As the Boy Scout motto says, "Be Prepared".

I am here to help teach others how to be prepared. Come what may. I always appreciate any and all feedback, so please feel free to leave comments or even send me an email. If you do send me an email, make sure you put the name of the blog in the subject line so I know it is not junk mail.

P.S. check out my other blog, TheFarmerGeek at thefarmergeek.blogspot.com


Chris W said...

Not sure if I should respond to your post, or the first one from Joel the K, so I'll just post here.

Great going, as I said on your blog, I was literally JUST searching for an OPN when I saw your post, great timing!
As you know, we prep here also, though it's slowed down now thanks to the layoff. Over the weekend, I started a bit of a questionier/survery to post on my blog just out of curiousity. I'll let ya know when it's done, it should be interesting to read the answers since I covered quite a few areas of prep AND homesteading. All the recent talk of prepping has made me curious as to how others are prepared, and now this layoff may just test our prep.

FarmerGeek said...

Thanks for stopping over and commenting! (You know how I like comments!)

I will look forward to seeing the survey!

American Prepper said...

Welcome aboard FarmerGeek! I sent you an invite to our members forum and Ning.com

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