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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

To Conceal, or Not...

Chris mentioned Conceal and Carry (C&C) in his post on Monday, and I really want to touch base on this. Ohio allows for C&C with some rules and regulations, but it is legal. To each and every person though, this is a personal decision, and it can be a very.... touchy... subject as well. There is no Right and Wrong about this topic. With one exception. That exception being that EVERYONE should realize that this is a right granted to each and every one of us by the Constitution of the United States of American. The Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights states:
A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the
people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Now, it doesn't just say the right to keep Arms. No, you have the right to keep and BEAR Arms. This doesn't mean you have to. This doesn't mean that I have to. This means we have the RIGHT to.

Now, that being said, in Ohio, in order to obtain a C&C permit, you have to pass a class that shows that you are familiar with the workings of a firearm and the safety issues related to them. This costs anywhere from $75 on up, and must be presented by a certified instructor. This isn't a bad system. In fact, I kinda like it, except for the fact that you have to pay for the required course, but I have lived in other states where you only had to show up at the Sheriff's office, pass a background check, and boom, you had a C&C permit in hand. This means that you may have people who have never touched a firearm carrying one around. Maybe they don't know how to load it properly, maybe they don't know how to work the safety, maybe they don't understand ricochet... who knows?

Great, now you have your permit, but wait... there are these little stickers everywhere saying weapons forbidden. So I can carry my firearm, but when I want to go into the store, I have to leave it in the car. Zip over to the bank? Leave it in the car. This doesn't make much sense to me... if you were to think about robbing someone, wouldn't the bank where you KNOW that they are not going to have a weapon for self-defence make the perfect location?

Hmmm, it is a trade-off, but if things ever get bad, do you want to be able to carry something that will let you protect yourself and your family? The answer is up to you, and it is completely yours. No right or wrong. Just think about it and don't ever try to tell me that I am not allowed or that I am wrong if I do or don't.

This is our Right. Keep it, protect it, cherish it, or you will miss it when it is gone.


Chris W said...

Great post FG, lots to think on. Personally, the whole CC issue is a joke. Everyone has those signs posted everywhere, simply because they think it's going to be wild west shootouts in their place of business...idiots. I'd like to see people refusing to shop at these places, and expressing their opinions to coorporate headquarters. "As a law abiding citizen and legally carrying a weapon according to all state and local law, I feel as if I am discriminated against by your policy as stated on your door". Unfortunately, most people just gripe and let it go. We get this right to carry, then nearly everywhere we go, they don't want us there. Discrimination? Prejudice? Sure. The criminals don't care whether or not they're carrying a firearm illegally, so why would these stickers make a difference? They don't, they only affect the rest of us, just like any other rediculous gun laws in this country. (can ya tell I'm a little bitter????)

Now as far as myself, call me paranoid. I really don't want a written record of what I own and what I carry on my person, plain and simple. When/If the time ever comes that handguns are outlawed, what is the first thing they will go to? Yep, that list along with all the 4473 forms. I can't say that I would really carry something illegally, but I can say that I would rather be in jail than dead....just my 2 cents worth.

FarmerGeek said...

Chris, I absolutely agree with most everything you said! Those stickers do only affect law-abiding citizens, just like gun control laws only affect law-abiding citizens. And I totally agree that we, the people, need to tell the management that we won't support their businesses because of that issue.

As for the government coming after those with the permit first... maybe/maybe not. Just because you have the permit, doesn't mean that you have a gun. I can see where you are coming from with it, and they can track it every time you have to get a background check to purchase a new weapon. That is rather scary, I do have to admit that. We will have to see what happens in the upcoming years.

Marica said...

Joining in on this just briefly, as I just spent ... 12 hours driving (after 9 yesterday).

Awesome, FG!! You bring up the most important thing, I think. It is YOUR decision whether or not to exercise your right.

And remember that OPEN CARRY is a legal activity in the state of Ohio. You do not need a license of any sort to openly carry a handgun, ALTHOUGH there are prohibitions about where you can carry it (same as concealed carry).

Couple of responses:

1) go to Ohioans for Concealed Carry (OFCC) web site and search around. There you will find available for purchase (in the "store") the greatest business cards ever. "No guns = no money." After you go back to the truck and secure your weapon, go back into the store and politely hand a card to the manager. The back of the card says something like "I have a license to carry a concealed weapon. I passed an FBI background check. I have never been convicted of a felony ... How much do you know about your other customers?" Get some. If you don't know about OFCC, it's a great organization.

2) Open carry when and where YOU think it's appropriate. (Agree-- be trained first! Know what you're doing first. It is NOT legal everywhere.)

We just exercised our right to bear arms through six states. :-)

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