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Thursday, February 12, 2009

What is a Prepper?

Some people may be put off by the term "prepper". So let's talk about exactly what is a Prepper.

prepper: one who prepares. Period.

This means that Boy Scouts, homesteaders, survivalists, and even most "normal" people are preppers by definition. The real difference between a prepper and a Prepper is in attitude. In my experience, "normal" people prepare for normal things. Car needs and oil change, kids don't like what's for dinner, power goes out for an hour, etc. A "Prepper" tries to prepare in a more conscious way for things on a larger scale. Power goes out for a week, severe illness or loss of job, all the way up to things like revolution, war, Nuclear war, etc.

So part of the issue we have here is a matter of degree. A person can be a Prepper and just have a lot of food and water saved, but a person can be a Prepper with HazMat suits, 10k rounds of ammo, and 5 years worth of food. Its all a matter of degree.

The important thing here is not how you prepare, the important thing is not how much you prepare. I believe that the important thing is that you look at your situation and you look at the future. Compare these two things, stay abreast of the news and world events, and you DECIDE, deliberatly and consciously, what you are going to do. If you choose to do nothing and something major happens, tough, you chose that. Don't come crying to those who have prepared and tell us we owe you or any other crud. That is not to say that a prepared person won't help you, but if you do, its a good deed for them, its nothing you are owed. If you do prepare and nothing happens, what's so bad about that? We don't know what will happen in the future, and as the old saying goes, "Better safe than sorry".

I hope this clarifies things. Once again, this is only my opinion, if you agree or disagree, feel free to share!


scoutinlife said...

It strange as history proves that at one time people did put back as a way of live go back 50-80 yeas ago. So many have gotten used to if i need it I'll just go out and buy it pick it up.... Modern times haves some wonderful conviences but you still have to use and learn the old ways.........

Chris W said...

Agreed, how MUCH is more important than WHAT, but people have to be careful and look at both. The biggest mistake I've seen are people that read the usual books and articles, and start buying and storing everything they can imagine without thinking it through. You gotta list WHAT your family eats, then take that list to the HOW MUCH level. Too many times I have seen or read about people that stock things that some or most of their family won't eat or use. Sure, you have 100 pounds of dried beans, but do you all like beans? Or even worse, storing large amounts of grains or flour with little to limited baking skills. What about baking without your regular electric oven?
We went through our cupboards and pantry, then through the lists from the books and websites, decided what to stock, then took it from there. Stock smart, stock what you use, and use what you stock...my 2 cents worth again :-)

Bullseye said...

Good post Farmergeek, many different levels on Preparedness, just pick the one that you feel is best for you. Good job.

Joel the K said...

Oh I definitely agree with that, Farmer. You are doing an awesome job. Thanks and keep up the great work.

Marica said...

Nice post, Farmergeek.

Set the labels aside & think of this: Every thoughtful parent prepares. Even though we really don't want to think about the eventuality at all, one of the first things we teach our little one is how to recite her name, address, and phone number... just in case she's ever lost. When leave them and we go away for the weekend, we give the sitter a list of stuff a mile long... just in case. When the kid gets his first car one of the first things we do is buy him a car emergency kit... just in case.

One of the great things about having a greatly enlarged prefrontal cortex (compared to other mammals) is the ability to imagine-- to walk through scenarios in our heads and plot out potential strategies for dealing with those scenarios... just in case. As Farmergeek said:

"I believe that the important thing is that you look at your situation and you look at the future."

Parents do that, preppers do that, "normal" people do it all the time (and have been for ages and ages). If the term "Prepper" is off-putting, well, so what? It's not how you're labeled, it's what you do that will matter... just in case.

FarmerGeek said...

Thanks, I appreciate that.

Thanks to you as well!

Very good point. I like how you put it in terms of parent/child and how that relates to being a "prepper". Thank you very much!

American Prepper said...

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