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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Heeere fishy fishy fishy...

I was thinking about something while I ate my lunch today. I had a tin of Kippered Herring with my lunch, and I was thinking about how great these little buggers really are. Sardines, anchovies, herring, etc. These things are just danged awesome, and quite often overlooked!

These little tins of seafood are packed with so many things that make them great for you (and they are quite tasty if you ask me!). These fish are high in protein, high in omega-3 oils, low in carbs... man, sounds like an atkins dieters or bodybuilders miracle food!

These tins are quite small and they stack really well. So that would make them great little savers to fit in the back of the pantry or cold cellar while preparing for what may come. Based on the website for one of the largest canneries, Brunswick canneries (www.brunswick.ca), these tins of fish are good for just about ever. They do say that after two years the taste begins to fade, but really, don't we all rotate our stores enough that nothing will last two years? And if we don't eat it in two years, are we ever going to eat it? ((Remember, we only want to prep and save the things we will eat.))

I know a lot of people look at these little fishies as disgusting. Heck, I used to when my grandfather would eat them with some mustard. But then I tried them one day and gee, wouldn't you know? I kinda liked them. There are so many ways to eat them that you never know what you might like. Or eat them straight out of the tin! Either way... for a food as good, good for you, and good to pack away for a rainy day... wouldn't a couple bucks to try it and see be worth it?

Give it a try... you just may like it!


Kymber said...

I love sardines and kippered herring - and my favourite way to eat them is right out of the tin! Thanks for this post - you reminded me that although I have a ton of tuna stored in my preps - I never even remembered sardines and kippers!

sanjac said...

My Mom used to eat them with saltines when I was a kid and I tried them one time and liked them. Beach Cliff sardines with green chiles are pretty good and real cheap also. You are right about them being a dieters/gym rat miracle food, when I was on Fatkins and going to the gym I would eat 3 or 4 cans a week. Anchovies in olive oil are good on pizza also, I was a skeptic till I tried them. Put them on after the pizza is cooked though.

Marica said...

Reminds me of what we call "fishing food". Deviled ham spread, beanie weenies, etc. Little tiny tin cans of stuff that you can take out on the boat and feast on, whether or not the fish are biting! Thanks for the reminder.

Shy Wolf said...

Not to mention, they're great BOB food, too. Shy

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