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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

American Red Cross

Car accident. Allergic reaction. Choking. Severe burn. Broken bone. 

You are at the scene. 

Will you be the one frantically searching for your cell phone? Or will you be the one taking action?

The American Red Cross provides training classes in basic first aid, adult and infant CPR, babysitter skills, disaster response, among many others.

American Red Cross home page here. From there click on training & then enter your zip code to find your local chapter. Cincinnati area chapter here.

The ARC site also has a quick check list for home fire, and emergency preparedness. For example, this under "blackouts" (that I'd never thought of): 

If you have an electric garage door opener, find out where the manual release lever is located and learn how to operate it. Sometimes garage doors can be heavy, so get help to lift it. If you regularly use the garage as the primary means of entering your home upon return from work, be sure to keep a key to your house with you, in case the garage door will not open.


Anonymous said...

Another great post Marica. The Red cross training classes are a great resource for any and all preppers.

Kentucky Preppers Network

nitewalker said...

Always good training from Red Cross and not nearly enough people take advantage of what they offer. Timely reminder Marcia.

Marica said...

Thanks, all! The training is also inexpensive, and only takes a few hours. Well worth it, as you all know.

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