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Monday, June 22, 2009

And... we're back!

At least we hope to be back getting to know one another, sharing information, and getting our preps on.

Ohio Preppers Network (OPN) is part of the American Preppers Network. OPN was born late January 2009. Unfortunately, it’s had a few growing pains and lost its moderator a few weeks ago. I’ve volunteered to take on this role temporarily, until a permanent moderator can be found.* Meanwhile, I invite everyone-- anyone!-- who’s still hanging around from the old days to contact me (just as soon as I figure out how to make that work!) if you have posts or other items of interest you’d like to contribute, and to invite your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers to stop in at OPN.

If you’re new to prepping sites, Farmer Geek had a great post back in February defining “prepper”:

Some people may be put off by the term "prepper". So let's talk about exactly what is a Prepper.

prepper: one who prepares. Period.

This means that Boy Scouts, homesteaders, survivalists, and even most "normal" people are preppers by definition. The real difference between a prepper and a Prepper is in attitude.

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* This isn't because I'm lazy! We are moving from Cincinnati to Mississippi later this summer. I simply thought it was a shame to see this site go untended. I know preppers are out there in Ohio! Let's hear from you.


Anonymous said...

Great to have you aboard Marica.

Kentucky Preppers Network

Marica said...

Thanks!! Send your like-minded Ohio friends over.

Anonymous said...

Thank You for stepping up and keeping us informed and prepper educated. As my prepper skills improve (I'm only a few months into it), I'd love to help you out.

-Your fellow Ohioan

Marica said...

THANK YOU, ANON!! Prep on!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh durn, I've had you as the nsgf on my favorites list for awhile and always meant to look you up in person. Then today while checking back here to see if anybody had taken up the duties... tada!!! I find that you have tipped your hand and exposed yourself as having a prepper mindset as well. I get all excited and/but then I read that you're scooting out of town. Durn durn durn. Good luck in your adventures.
[on 6 under used acres in Colerain TWP and surviving the daily work commute thru Nside to Dwntwn.]

Marica said...

Haha, Russ. You've made me laugh. If you know me as the NSGF, well... that I'm a prepper didn't come as a surprise, did it? ;-)

We're here in Northside all summer. Maybe we'll run into each other before DH & I bug out! Northside Tavern's a great meet-up spot.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see this site is being updated again. Any plans for an OH get together? Would love to meet some fellow preppers!

Marica said...

Hi Laura-- I saw that the Kentucky Preppers were having a meet-up. But can't say that I know of any plans for Ohio. We should think about this.

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