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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Blog stroll: from leftie monkey to CCW to mobil homes!

Attack of the Leftie Hate Monkeys Nothing particularly substantive, just a fun read. "Used to civilized debate with liberals and conservatives alike, you can’t quite take in what’s happening at first." I've been there. It's like trying to have a rational argument with an overgrown three year old. 

Ron Paul's Audit the Fed Bill Gathers Steam. I'm sure many of you all are very familiar with this bill. It's a major TEA party theme. 

The Brevity Act: Time for the 28th Amendment? "Earlier this year, Congress passed a “Stimulus” Bill.  It was 973 pages long. This past Friday, the House passed a “Climate Change” Bill.  It was more than 1200 pages long. This got me wondering: how long, exactly, is our Constitution?  How many pages did it take our country’s founders to lay out the structure and functions of our Federal Government?" 

Ug-99 and The Ugly Times Ahead At Survivalblog.com  A wheat famine would not be pretty. (Might have to scroll down)

12 pages of tips on the "subtleties" of concealed carry. Gets off topic in some posts, lots of jargon, but well worth the read, especially if you are a newer CHL holder.

And last but not least, Tom has several new posts up at American Prepper. All worth the read. Looks like some fellow preppers need some help.

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