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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bread link

____(fill in everything you already know about the goodness and virtue of home baked bread here)_____. Now bookmark this link.

Breadbasketcase is a Marie Wolf's blog about baking bread. She posts way more than just a recipe. Her posts include lots of step-by-step instructions with photos, sometimes a bit of the bread's history, and a critical review. 

From here latest, Pane al Latte (Italian Milk Bread): 

From Carol Field's The Italian Baker, this is a delicious, slightly sweet, slightly eggy, slightly rummy bread. It's too sweet for sandwiches, except maybe for peanut butter and jelly, for which it would be fantastic. If I had to fit it into a bread niche, I'd say it was made for some good fruit preserves and a cup of strong tea. Don't skimp--it should also have a layer of butter before you slather on the jam. ... 

There's a Willie Nelson song (at least he sings it, don't know if he wrote it) that begins, "There is great confusion on Earth." When this line pops into my head-- which it seems to be doing more & more lately-- I wander over to Breadbasketcase. I mean, c'mon, "slather on the jam." As long as folks are still slathering on jam, somethings are still making sense. 

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