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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Old Book Quote of the Day #6

When I became a real contributor to this blog, I thought it would be fun to post a quote of the day from an 'old' book. Introducing the idea that old books have two sorts of values, I wrote, "The second sort of value is the values old books subtly-- and sometimes not so subtly-- convey to the reader."

With Independence Day just a week away, yesterday I posted the first of a week's worth of quotes about The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, Americans, and citizenship. I could try to articulate why I think preppers do/should care about these, but my guess is I don't have to.  


A knowledge of their own government is to any people a matter of the greatest importance, and to a self-governing people an absolute necessity. No need to education is more urgent than education for citizenship, and no course of study can properly fit young Americans for citizenship than the study of their own government. ... The author believes that the government of the United States is most satisfactorily taught and learned by following the order of the Constitution.

(George Morris Phillips. Nation and State: A Text-book on Civil Government. 1905.)


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