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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday blog stroll

Busy day. Here're a few interesting tidbits I've come across this week. Let me know which you enjoy most.

Tom over at American Preppers Network posted, and is taking a poll, on "Is political activism related to prepping?" Interesting question.

This week's Organic Consumers Association newsletter (which I don't always agree with but is fun) links to "What's on my food?" a site I haven't independently checked out but that climes to list all of the pesticides found on common food items. YIKES! Its' reporting 48 pesticides residues found on blueberries. (Which reminds me I need to get out there and pick mine so I can make blueberry buckle tomorrow.)

Katn over at Flourish in the Kitchen (cook better to feel better to live better) has an interesting post on Flourishing and Happiness. It's not the silly sort of happiness she's talking about. It's ... well, read it. Here's a snippet

To flourish, or live the good life, I need to think beyond the idea that consumption brings happiness.  Happiness can’t be bought for good reason. Happiness requires action!

Ohioans for Concealed Carry (OFCC) links to The Cleveland Gun Rights Examiner for a story on tomorrow's one-year anniversary of D.C. v Heller.

And just so we're all over the map here, I have short post at Northside Guerilla Farmer with a few links to on-line vegetable insect pest identification sites.


Anonymous said...

Tom's activism thread is a great one. I think it's the most important prep of all. If everyone was active and kept the government in check there wouldn't be a need to prep (for economic collapse).

Kentucky Preppers Network

Kymber said...

Hey Marica...have just caught up reading all of your new posts here at the OPN and want to say that you are doing a great job! i really enjoy the Old Book Quotes! Keep up the awesome work!

Marica said...

Tom's latest post is a good one, too.

Thanks, Kymber! Glad you're liking the quotes. Messing around with OPN is a nice diversion when I take a break!

Anonymous said...

Marica, I posted a comment on the "and we are back" page earlier today. You do an excellent job here; too bad we are going to lose you.

Russ,- who will head "up" Hamilton ave on an old black Kawasaki @4:20. not that I'm a clock watcher or anything.

Marica said...

Saw it, Russ! Thanks.

Aggie, who does Mississippi Preppers, invited me to post down there (like the internet has a north & south). I'll let you know when we actually make the break so you can check in there.

Marica-- who will be heading "down" Hamilton in a black truck filled with bales of straw @about 5. *I* am looking forward to this, as I will be fetching DH which brings us ever closer to this evening's supper.

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