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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


From Ohioans for Concealed Carry:



The U.S. Senate will vote at 11:30 a.m. TODAY -- Wednesday, July 22 -- on an amendment to protect your right to self-defense.  The anti-gunners are now doing everything that they can to defeat this amendment and the vote by your Senators is likely to determine the outcome.  So it is critical for you to call and e-mail your Senators now and urge them to support and vote for the Thune-Vitter Amendment. 

The Senate is now considering an amendment by Senators John Thune (R-SD) and David Vitter (R-LA) that will provide interstate recognition of Right-to-Carry licenses and permits.  New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his "Mayors Against Illegal Guns" -- and other anti-gun leaders and organizations -- are running ads and spreading lies to scare your Senators into opposing this important self-defense reciprocity reform. 

It is crucial for you to contact your Senators today -- now -- and urge them to support and vote for the Thune-Vitter Self-Defense Amendment.  Using the contact information provided below, please call both their D.C. number and a state office locally AND send an e-mail message (and a fax if possible) to your Senators:


(202) 224-2315 (D.C.)
(202) 228-6321 (D.C. Fax)
(216) 522-7272 (Cleveland)
(513) 684-1021 (Cincinnati)
(614) 469-2083 (Columbus)
(440) 242-4100 (Lorain)
Email: http://brown.senate.gov/contact/


(202) 224-3353 (D.C.)
(202) 228-1382 (D.C. Fax)
(216) 522-7095 (Cleveland)
(513) 684-3265 (Cincinnati)
(740) 441-6410 (Southeast OH)
(216) 522-7095 (Northeast OH)
(419) 259-3895 (Toledo)
(513) 684-3265 (Dayton)
(614) 469-6697 (Central OH)


Act today to protect your Second Amendment rights tomorrow. 


Homemade deodorant!

Today's post is courtesy of Peacechicken (a.k.a. Laura) who answered the call on Frugal Friday for money and time saving ideas. Thanks Laura!

I used the recipe here, but have some side notes: http://www.passionatehomemaking.com/2008/03/update-homemade-deoderant.html
  • I suggest corn starch instead of arrowroot powder (much cheaper).
  • It doesn't explain that coconut oil is hard at room temperature, so I put the jar in a pot of shallow water and heated it on the stove for a bit to soften it.
  • The coconut smell goes away once it's cooled down, don't worry you won't smell like suntan lotion when you wear it!
  • I ended up putting in way more corn starch and baking soda (equal parts) than it called for because it wasn't solidifying like it said it would -- turns out I think the oil was just too warm, but no harm done. If it seems like you've put in too much, put the jar in the fridge for a bit to see if it thickens up a bit.
  • Keep in mind unless you somehow pour it into an old deodorant container, you'll be scooping it out with your fingers to apply it (mine's in a small mason jar.) It seems weird at first, but if you take a shower every day it's not a big deal, you're just touching your own skin! Like the blog says, you can rub the extra stuff into your hands and use it as lotion because coconut oil is great for skin.
  • On really hot days, it'll separate a bit, but you can just stir it up.
I think the coconut oil is the most expensive part, but it lasts long enough to still be a bargain compared to buying regular stuff. The jar I'm finishing up now was made in January, so I've gotten at least 7 months out of less than $10! 

Also -- this is of course not an anti-perspirant. It's unnatural to block your pores from sweating, so I don't use those, this is deodorant only. But it works! I rode my bike 6 mi. one day last month when it was in the 80's-90's and it held up wonderfully. I've been meaning to compile my notes into my own blog entry, but until I have the time to do so I'll have to settle for this. Sorry it's a bit of a mess.

Let me know if you try it!


Friday, July 17, 2009

Frugal Friday is here!

I'm sure y'all have been thinking all week about your time & money saving tips you want to pass on. So let's begin! Anything goes (well, within the bounds of polite conversation). Recipes, shopping tips or finds, energy saving ideas, jerry-rigging ideas, you name it. Let's hear them!

(Sorry to have gone absent these few days. House goes on the market Monday & I am like a zombie trying to get stuff done. But I'll be back!)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ohioans for Concealed Carry News


Changes to CHL law passed with budget

The new budget signed into law by Governor Strickland today contained several provisions amended into HB 1-CC4594make changes to Ohio's concealed carry laws. 

The most prominent of these will raise the fee for a new concealed handgun license from $55 to $67, but will drop the price for a renewal to $50. These changes reflect the fact that the BCI fee for the full background check has increased, yet a renewal background check need only be conducted from the date the previous check was conducted and is therefore less expensive. As part of this change, a new renewal application will be created by statute and this application will no longer require all all addresses the applicant has resided at since they were 18, only dating back to the last issuance.. 

Another change specifies that the "AG Pamphlet" no longer needs to be printed and handed out to applicants, only made available online. This cost saving measure will eliminate both printing costs and the cost of shipping the pamphlets to Ohio's 88 sheriffs. 

A third change is of particular interest to competitive shooters specifies that "ammunition held in stripper-clips or in en-bloc clips is not considered ammunition that is loaded into a magazine or speed loader." This is a positive change and will be well received by many competitive rifle shooters. 

There is also a specification that an expired license be accepted as prima-facie evidence that a person at one time took the training required for purposes of renewal. This was an issue with some CHL holders who tried to renew yet had to make appointments that took them beyond the expiration date of their license. 

OFCC was aware of these proposed changes and supports them. While a fee increase for obtaining a concealed handgun license is never welcomed, it is important to note that the real cost to the sheriffs increased for the initial background check. The accompanying changes requiring the modified background check and the fee to decrease for renewals will save money in the long run. Overall, many of these changes will result in decreased fees to Ohioans and decreased cost to Ohio to administer the program.

How to make cheap beer

How to Make Beer (Cheaply, Simply): Step-By-Step Guide

U.S. About 8.6 million barrels of craft beer were sold in 2008, and the number of artisanal beer suppliers in the U.S. is growing. With all this choice, you'd think fewer people would be brewing at home, right? Not exactly. Instead, the opposite seems to be true—estimates show that home brewing is on the rise in the U.S. And with good reason. DIY home brewing (after you get the equipment) is cheap. More than that, brewing your own is more satisfying than paying for another round. Next time you crack open a cold one—strained, heated and brewed by your own hand— you'll understand. In this story, we walk through the steps to make a Belgian white ale. Ingredients and steps vary for different kinds of beer, but the basics are all here. Cheers.

Keep reading

Analysis: How do the majority of your friends feel about prepping?

How do the majority of your friends feel about prepping?

They do it too. 1

They are supportive, but don’t do it. 4

They think it’s nuts. 10

They’ve never heard of it & don’t know I’m doing it. 4


At first glance, this does not look too encouraging. One-half of the majority of your friends (speaking collectively) think prepping is nuts. We could wallow in this, but let’s not. There are a lot of things 1/2 of the population out there does or thinks that is just plain stupid-- and I’m not even going to add “in my humble opinion” to that statement.

Again, collectively speaking, 8 out of 19 of you have friends that either are supportive of your prepping efforts but don’t do it themselves, or are clueless. That’s over 40% of your friends. From a numbers point of view, 19 votes isn’t a good sample to base any real conclusion on, but let’s pretend it is and say that out there in the world, 40% (8/19) of the population would fall into one of these two categories. I believe we should set aside the 1/2 that think prepping is nuts, and if we aspire to “freedom through teaching others self-reliance,” focus our attention on the 40% who are potential preppers. (Just to clarify, 4 of 19 never heard of prepping, so they don’t think it’s nuts-- you can’t have an opinion on something you’ve never heard of. But if this were a real scientific survey of a much bigger sample, it would be a safe bet that when they did become aware of prepping, 1/2 would think it’s nuts. We can ignore this, too.)

Looking at the results in this way-- with an eye on the folks who are supportive of your efforts already, and on those who might be supportive or might even become preppers themselves if they think about it-- helps us devise an action plan. What are some things we could do to educate and encourage these folks? In the next post or two, I’ll present a couple of specific things we can do. And please, share your own experiences with the group!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Frugal Friday & more

Sorry to have gone AWOL yesterday. And today. Be back Tuesday with some thoughts on the poll result and more. 

Meanwhile-- I'm going to institute "Frugal Friday" an open thread where you post ideas for saving time & money. Start thinking! ANd if you have an idea that's longer than a comment, let me know & I can post your guest contribution.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

How to clean, wax & detail your car

Does prepping include maintaining what you already have? Sounds right to me.

via Instapundit

How to Clean, Wax and Detail Your Car: Expert Tips

Cleaning and waxing are the most basic maintenance tasks for a car owner. But doing it right—without hazy paint, dull headlights and crud in the cracks—takes expertise. Make the finish on the exterior and interior last as long as the mechanicals with these pro cleaning tips.

Firearms: cleaning & storing

Just got done cleaning guns & remembered this post from February. Thought it was worth a bump. [Yeah, that's right. We're moving. We have so much work to do it isn't funny. But we went to the range, anyway, to get in our monthly practice.]

Firearms - Clean and Store

Another excellent post by our friend Chris over at the1acreohiohomestead!
As I said in my last post, I spent 11 years behind a counter selling firearms. For the most part, I met good people with common sense and knowledge of their firearms. Then.....I knew the other guys. The ones that took better care of their kegerator in the garage than their deer gun. Nearly every year before gun season here, they came in and needed repairs. Some were due to neglect, some to mistreatment, but most were due to improper cleaning.

These guys would take their shotgun (deer slugs here in Ohio), and after their outing, hose the thing down with WD40 and stick it back into the closet or cabinet. Let me tell ya, that stuff may be great in the garage, but in the gun cabinet, it may as well be superglue. ...

Big Brother

Sara was late for work. The alarm clock didn't alarm, the kids were unusually slow getting ready for school, and nothing went right. She finally got to her car – a brand new 2020 Chevy Adventure. She touched the finger-print secured start button. Nothing. It wouldn't start. She touched it again. Nothing. Furious, she banged the steering wheel with her fist. Then she noticed the paper hanging from the receipt printer on the dash.

"Your designated visa account rejected your Road Use Tax in the amount of $87.32 for the month of June, 2020. You must insert a valid account card to activate your automobile."

It's coming. With a $16 million grant from the federal government, the University of Iowa is developing a Global Positioning Satellitesystem that can measure the mileage, apply a variable tax rate that will increase during rush hours and in high-traffic areas, calculate the total, charge a designated account card, and shut down your automobile if unpaid when due. Some 2,700 automobiles in five states will be used in the test.

"This is just too crazy. Never gonna happen," you say. "People won't stand for it."

May I remind you, gentle readers, of the following: 1) DUI checkpoints do not pull over only  obviously impaired drivers. The cops can stop everyone. 2) You take off your shoes to board an airplane. 3) The state of Ohio controls the sale of alcohol. 4) An 18 year old can defend his country, but cannot purchase alcohol or get a concealed handgun license. (Great Mojo Nixon line: "You can get married and screw yourself up real good... but you can't buy beer.") Et cetera.

Never gonna happen. This is America. Home of the free. sorta. still. maybe yesterday...

Here's the whole article. 

American Preppers Network: Is your States Prepper Network Lacking Content?

American Preppers Network: Is your States Prepper Network Lacking Content?

Posted today by Tom at American Preppers. A snippet:

Let me try to explain what I mean here. All of the prepper networks are made up of independent individuals (preppers) networking together to share and exchange emergency survival, preparedness, and long-term sustainability information. Not everyone is skilled in every area. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Each moderator and contributor can't possibly cover every topic and bit of news that should be covered nor should they be expected to. By all of us working together to utilize our strengths to cover the topics that we know, we are able to disseminate vast amounts of information. 

Read the whole thing. Let me know what *you* think. And PLEASE if you have something to share, let me know &  I'll post it. My email address is in my profile.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Going Galt

In a very real sense, the move from Cincinnati to Mississippi is our version of going Galt. [Gonna need contributors here at OPN!]

    The phrase "Going Galt" means many things to different people, but regardless of the specific actions any given person may adopt, it is ultimately a stand one takes in the name of the cardinal virtue of self-reliance; the act of taking responsibility for one's own life.

    For many years, the culture in the United States has been on a steady slide with self-reliance being slowly replaced by dependence upon the government. And with the past two election, that slow slide has now become an avalanche. Of course, the government is incapable of providing for anyone's care since it produces nothing itself. Therefore, it is the most productive members of society who are forced to shoulder an ever increasing burden of paying for the wants and needs of the less productive, all the while struggling under an expanding net of regulations that tie their hands, keeping them from exercising their independent judgment.

    It's a familiar story. It is the story of Atlas Shrugged come to life, and the hero of that story, John Galt, was the man who refused to carry the burden any longer. "Going Galt" is the rallying cry of productive individuals across the country who have reached their limit and are proclaiming "Enough!"

And from earlier this year at the Wall Street Journal: 
'Atlas Shrugged': From Fiction to Fact in 52 Years 
Many of us who know Rand's work have noticed that with each passing week, and with each successive bailout plan and economic-stimulus scheme out of Washington, our current politicians are committing the very acts of economic lunacy that "Atlas Shrugged" parodied in 1957, when this 1,000-page novel was first published and became an instant hit...

Do a search for "going Galt." Interesting.

Made in America

Top 10 reasons to buy American. Plus an online store of Made in America products. [This is not an endorsement, I've never purchased from this site.]

Eat crow

I am probably not going to be posting much over the weekend. (But check anyway-- you never know.) The house-- our "urban farm"-- HAS to be on the market in less than a week & there's more than a week's worth of work still to do. Anyway-- I'm front-loading posts now. (As Mom might say, "Don't read them all at once; save some for later.")

For your information, crow season has already begun in Ohio! (Note that you can only shoot them on Friday, Saturday & Sunday.) It runs through March 14, 2010. Who knew?? If anyone has any good crow recipes, ... God, I hope it never comes to eating crow.

Why am I sharing this? Because if you don't hunt, now might be the time to learn. There's more to hunting for food than just lining up the sights and pulling the trigger. 

Here's a huge list of resources for field-dressing game. (Some of the links are no longer active, but most are o.k.)

Master of his own life as an American individual

I am concerned, as I know you are, too, with the fact that many of us are losing sight of what I call the main road of American progress-- the exercising of individual initiative, and assuming of individual responsibility. We have let ourselves stray a long way on a side road, by gradually, almost imperceptibly, relinquishing our privilege to do a job for ourselves.

Maybe it seems strange to you, my using the word “privilege” in this sense. ... I use “privilege” in the sense of opportunity to fulfill one’s destiny, to increase one’s stature as a human being, to produce. That is what I call our special American privilege. And that is the one we must fight to keep.

If every one of us reading these lines should resolve that, from this day forward, he would be the master of his own life as an American individual-- if every one of us should resolve he sould let no opportunity pass to assert his independent right to remain free-- that would be a big step forward.

One way we have done less than our best is with our young people. These young Americans today are better housed, better clothed, better educated than ever before in history. But we have not shown them clearly enough how great a privilege it is to be an American-- we have not made them understand the character-building virtues of depending on their own effort and determination.


What great American said this? No matter who you answered, I’ll bet you a nickel you’re wrong. James Cash Penney, son of a Baptist preacher, born in Missouri in 1875. As a young man, Jim Penney opened a Golden Rule Store (a small dry-goods chain) in Kemmerer, Wyoming. The Golden Rules stores were later renamed the J.C. Penney Company, and known today simply as JCPenney. This quote is from James Cash Penney’s Lines of a Layman, published in 1956.

I went on a rant a couple of posts back about a shopping experience at JCPenney. This is my make-up post to Mr. Penney. 

I could, but I won’t, go into a long story about Mr. Penney. I could, but I won’t go into a long story about JCPenney. I will simply tell you what my father-- who worked for 40 years at JCPenney-- would say if he saw the JCPenney stores of today:

“Mr. Penney must be rolling over in his grave.” 

Cemeteries from sea to shining sea must be filled with men and women rolling over in their graves. 


via Instapundit.

IS YOUR CITY PREPARED FOR A HOMEMADE NUKE? “For many people, the safest option would be to seek shelter in buildings or underground. Just staying inside could slash the immediate death toll from radiation by up to a factor of 100, or even 1000, Mettler says. However, people must be told this in advance. ‘Without prior education, it would be a horrible issue,’ he says.” I was discussing fallout in Administrative Law class — talking about Gott v. Walters, the radiation-vets case — and realized that today’s law students have virtually no understanding of things that were common knowledge in my Cold War childhood. I suppose that’s a good sign overall, but . . . .

$1M here, $1M there...

This sort of stuff is starting to tick me off. I am not making a political statement here. I am making a statement about waste. I had to go shopping yesterday for curtains and whatnot so we can prettify the house and get it on the market. I hate shopping but it had to be done. I was dumbfounded to see two things: 

1) Dillards up at Northgate Mall in Cincinnati is closing. (When did this happen? Is it relocating? Or is this Dillards just being crossed off the list? In any case, I bet there are people who used to get a pay-check who aren't going to anymore.) 

2) The amount of absolute crap that people are still buying. JCPenney has a whole collection of stuff labeled "American Living." O.k., cool. I'm all for America, but I would think something labeled "American" would, you know, like, be MADE in the United States of America. Wrong. And from a quality standpoint, it's garbage. And expensive. $100+ for a quilt. ?? Some little Chinese kid is sewing her fingers to the bone and some wasteful American woman is shelling out one hundred bucks for a piece of crap + even more for the accessory pieces of crap. This woman was in front of me at the checkout... paying on a credit card, of course. BUT, it's her money to spend. It's her debt to incur. I'm a big advocate of freedom. Waste you money any way you want to, lady... stimulate that economy!! 

But THIS is my money that's being wasted. And I don't have money to waste. [From RedState.com]

Reminiscent of the no-bid, cost-plus contracts awarded in the Bush administration to defense contractors, ABC News reported last night the Obama Administration awarded a 5 year $18 million contract to Smartronix, a Maryland-based IT firm with connections to House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, for the redesign of Recovery.gov.

Launched in February to track the expenditures of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, Recovery.gov was to be the pinnacle of web-enabled transparency, according to President Barack Obama.

“The site is the tip of the iceberg for the effort that will go into taking spending tracking and accountability to the next level,” one administration official said of their intended level of transparency.

But now, it seem, the administration has failed to deliver on two pledges central to the Obama campaign’s rhetoric: fiscal responsibility and unrivaled transparency.

An acerbic Ed Morrissey asks, “Since when does it cost $18 million for a website, even one with a database requiring updates on a quarterly basis?”

Not often.

Keep reading

Fight like a CORNERED CAT

IMHO this is a site every woman (and every man who loves a woman) needs to visit & bookmark:

No one in her right mind fights for the sake of fighting. But if you have to defend yourself, it's good to have sharp claws.

Below you will find articles dealing with gun safetykidsmindset, and much more. There are glossaries and step-by-step instructions on theshooting basics. If you've ever wondered about the legal or social or practical or ethical aspects of owning a gun or carrying it, or wonder if carrying a gun is right for you, you've come to the right place.

So pull up a chair, sit down, and rest awhile. We have a lot to talk about.

Consider sending the link out to your friends... especially those who live in Utopia, where bad sh&* never happens.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bartering! Reported in MSM!!

Make purchases without cash

In a tough economy, more business owners are conserving cash by bartering for the stuff they need.

Works for non-business owners, too!

Books on preparedness

From Survivalblog.com

Survey Results: Your Favorite Books on Preparedness, Self-Sufficiency, and Practical Skills

In descending order of frequency, the 78 readers that responded to my latest survey recommended the following non-fiction books on preparedness, self-sufficiency, and practical skills:

The Encyclopedia of Country Living by Carla Emery (Far and away the most often-mentioned book. This book is an absolute "must" for every well-prepared family!)

The rest here.

Call Mom

I'm going to be stupidly busy the next couple of days, so posts will be short. 

This week we've been chatting about how your friends and family feel about prepping. More on that when there's time. Here's the bottom line, you'll see the connection. Call your mom, and especially if she's ... how to say... "old". Remind her to pay attention and stay safe! Car doors locked when she pumps gas. Walk back into the mall if she doesn't like the looks of things in the parking lot. Cell phone (better yet, gun) with her when she's working in the garden. Don't talk to strangers. Look both ways. Those sorts of things.

Mom spent the better part of her life keeping you safe and teaching you how to keep yourself safe. You can spare a few minutes reminding her to do as she said. (I know, who am I kidding? You'll be on the phone for at least 30 minutes! Get comfy.)

P.s. My mom is fine. No worries. 

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

If you missed this yesterday, it's worth taking a look at, given the poll (over on the right) "What do your friends think about prepping?"

Three Rules for Persuading the Sheeple, by Tall Sally This article could also be titled: "How to Convince Friends and Family to Prepare for Economic Collapse."

And speaking of economic collapse, via Instapundit:

YOUR ECONOMIC GLOOM ROUNDUP: [Me: I'm not a doom & gloomer. But I am a realist.]

Why Unemployment Could Hit 14%.

The Labor Market Is Worse Than You Think.

U.S. Workers Hired at Slowest Rate in 9 Years.

Stocks Hit 10-Week Low.

Consumer Loan Delinquencies Rise to Record Levels.

Of course, like the S (that's the S-word) I talked about in Monday's post, this S-- 14% unemployment, hiring slowdown, debt delinquency-- is never gonna happen & it's never going to affect you or your friends.

P.s. 12 of Ohio's 88 counties had unemployment rates of 14% or greater in June. In 65 counties, 1 or more out of ten people were unemployed. Only one county, Deleware, had an unemployment rate of less than 7.5%. List of counties here.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

100 lbs. of potatoes & more

Just blogging around and stumbled upon these, all at or from Survival Blog

Don't forget to take the poll about your friends attitudes toward preppering & read the initial post explaining it.

And speaking of your friends:

Three Rules for Persuading the Sheeple, by Tall Sally

This article could also be titled: "How to Convince Friends and Family to Prepare for Economic Collapse." One of the greatest problems for the prepper is getting family and friends on board without alienating them or terrifying them into inaction. With this article, I hope to use my experience to show you how to gently and persuasively warn friends and family about the coming economic crisis. I have used this approach with several people and found it to be successful.

Grow 100 lbs. Of Potatoes In 4 Square Feet: How To [I grew potatoes in pots & straw in my basement last winter. As an experiment, it went well.]

Preparedness Through Joining the National Guard, by Christopher D.

Many preppers join the local volunteer fire department or rescue squad in order to learn valuable skills for free that could help in an emergency. They also do it so that they can learn skills that will help pull their communities through during tough times. I would like to propose that some of the readers who are of this mindset could gain much by joining the National Guard.


First, the positives:
1. Job training. Hands down, from a survivalist mindset, this has to be the best thing that the Guard has to offer. The training for jobs in the Guard is the same as what you’d receive on Active Duty. The difference is, while it’s common for Active Duty soldiers to stay in the same carrier field for the duration of their career, Guardsmen often end up training in more than one field for a variety of reasons.

Practical Survival Trapping, by Jason C.

There is nothing more soothing to the soul then quietly enjoying a stroll through the woods, forests, and outdoor areas of this great countryside. And having a rifle or shotgun over your shoulder for the chance opportunity at a squirrel, deer, dove, or pheasant is nothing short of perfection for many of us. However, in a survival situation, a hard day of hunting with nothing to show for it is not only depressing but can be downright dangerous. A person in a survival situation must conserve their energy at all costs. Any activity that doesn't produce something towards the goal of food and water is a risk of losing all of that energy with no way to replace it.

There is only one way to maximize your effort for the return that it provides: trapping.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Never gonna happen!

The following is a list of things that are never going to happen to you or to someone you love.

You are

never going to step on a garden rake and have it smack you in the forehead so hard you momentarily loose consciousness, and then immediately get a goose egg the size of a golfball. (And speaking of golf...)

never going to see your child accidentally hit in the eye with a golf club swung by another child.

never going to loose electricity.

never going to loose electricity for more than 10 minute.

never going to loose electricity for more than 10 days.

never going to be flooded and only be able to leave your home in a raft or a canoe.

never going to be stung by a bee.

never going to get a flat tire in the middle of a torrential rain storm while traveling through rural Georgia on Saturday, December 26.

never going to run short on cash at the end of the month.

never going to have to put out a fire in your home.

never going to be face-to-face with a thug pointing a gun at you as you leave work at 11pm.

never going to be snowed in.

never going to be snowed in for more than 1 day.

never going to be snowed in for more than 3 days.

never going to encounter anyone in a diabetic (hypoglycemic) coma.

never going to be unable to find fresh or frozen yellow squash at your local market.

never going to be followed as you walk across a dark campus.

never going to run out of toilet paper when company’s on the way.

never going to be lost in the woods.

never going to see a child choke on a banana.

never going to be stalked.

never going to run out of wine or beer.

never have someone try to break into your home.

never going to run out of ammo.

never going to have to walk or ride the bus because gas is too expensive.

never going to hit a deer.

never going to be the one your ding-a-ling friend calls from the pokey after he does something stupid and needs bail money.

never going to have to take out a splinter.

never going to have to boil tap water before you drink it.

never going to sleepwalk your way out of a second story window, fracture a vertebra, have no health insurance, make “too much” to be eligible for aid, have medical expenses totally 25% of your yearly income-- but still not enough to claim anything more than the standard deduction on your taxes-- and still be paying $50/month to some schmuck doctor 18 months later.

never going to have an electric trolling motor catch on fire in the middle of a lake.

never going to have miscalculated when your bonus check comes in.

never going to lock the keys in the truck.

ALL of these things are never going to happen to you or to someone you love. All of them did happen to me or to someone I love, but chances are pretty slim that ALL of them will happen to you & yours. 

SOME of these or similar things have happened to you. Some no doubt will in the future.  Others you haven't even dreamed of will, too. How did / will you respond? In terms of resources, attitude and ability to take action, were you / will you be prepared? Above, sometimes I was, sometimes I wasn’t. 

Note that none, zero, nada, none of these counts, at least in my mind, as a true SHTF situation. There are no little green men or zombies involved. No nuclear, biological, or dirty bombs went off. No electro magnetic pulse shut down the world’s electronic grid. There were no hoards of hungry rioting people, no armed “peacekeepers” or census workers. Pretty much just ordinary S, not SHTF S. This is the kind of S that happens when you wake up in the morning and have the courage to venture out into the world-- and some of it evens happens before you wake up! (Sleepwalking child basically o.k., although her back will probably hurt the rest of her life.)

When you have a minute, scroll through your life. When S happened, how’d you do? If you had what you consider a real SHTF situation, how’d you do then? 

Don’t forget to take the poll over on the right in the sidebar. And read yesterday’s post if you have time. I hope you’ll see a connection with today’s.

Prep on!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

What do your friends think about prepping?

As I've mentioned before, I truly love American Prepper's tag-line: Freedom through teaching others self-reliance.

Seeing it again this morning, I asked myself if I am "teaching" my own friends, not my veggie garden clients, but my friends.  And I wondered what your friends think about prepping. (See the poll on the sidebar.) 

Without a doubt, 100% of people who I'd call even casual "friends" know we are preppers. They may not know the term, but they know what we do, and they are supportive. Some think we're a bit odd, and they've come up with all sorts of cute things to call us like "right-wing hippies" (this does not keep them from enjoying our homemade wine, by the way). And when we start talking about why we're doing this, they only poke good fun (do we really see total societal collapse? Come on!) and this leads to some great discussion. But unfortunately, the majority-- not all, but most-- are not actively preparing for any sort of unexpected event. 

We actively engage them in rational discussions about being self-reliant. We've been prepared when they weren't, and so there are concrete examples they could learn from. But they are not. 

Why is this? I have some thoughts, but I'm curious to know you all's situation with regard to prepping and your friends' attitudes & actions. So take the poll. And if you can think of ways I can better teach my friends to be self-reliant, let me know!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

A prepper could use some help

Got this email from Tom, the guy who put together the American Preppers Networks. See more below. 

As most of you already know, Jennifer (aka Humble Wife), Prepper from New Mexico Preppers Network andDouble Nickle Farm had a flood at the family farm.  Thank God no one was hurt and their livestock are safe.  But they have a mess to clean up.  Finances are pretty tough for them, as is the same for most of us, but since this has been added on to the fact that she needs to make a trip up to New York to deliver a car to her son that's stationed there, I'd like to see what we can do to help her out with gas money to get there.  She has posted a Donate Button on both the New Mexico Preppers Site as well as Double Nickle farm...If each one of us would at least donate a few dollars...just lunch money if anything, I think it would go a long way to help with her trip.   


If you click on the embedded links, you'll learn more about Jennifer. From her "My gift to America" post (yesterday):

So for this birthday, I wish to give you something back. I wish to give you a promise, that I will stand for you and the Founding documents that have made you so great. I am not a citizen of the world but an American and I will always love you. I will never forget that you have provided freedom to so many, nor will I stand idly by while the few try so hard to bring you down. I thank God for the 42 years I have spent as an American citizen and I am so thankful for the tremendous freedoms and liberties that I have.

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