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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Analysis: How do the majority of your friends feel about prepping?

How do the majority of your friends feel about prepping?

They do it too. 1

They are supportive, but don’t do it. 4

They think it’s nuts. 10

They’ve never heard of it & don’t know I’m doing it. 4


At first glance, this does not look too encouraging. One-half of the majority of your friends (speaking collectively) think prepping is nuts. We could wallow in this, but let’s not. There are a lot of things 1/2 of the population out there does or thinks that is just plain stupid-- and I’m not even going to add “in my humble opinion” to that statement.

Again, collectively speaking, 8 out of 19 of you have friends that either are supportive of your prepping efforts but don’t do it themselves, or are clueless. That’s over 40% of your friends. From a numbers point of view, 19 votes isn’t a good sample to base any real conclusion on, but let’s pretend it is and say that out there in the world, 40% (8/19) of the population would fall into one of these two categories. I believe we should set aside the 1/2 that think prepping is nuts, and if we aspire to “freedom through teaching others self-reliance,” focus our attention on the 40% who are potential preppers. (Just to clarify, 4 of 19 never heard of prepping, so they don’t think it’s nuts-- you can’t have an opinion on something you’ve never heard of. But if this were a real scientific survey of a much bigger sample, it would be a safe bet that when they did become aware of prepping, 1/2 would think it’s nuts. We can ignore this, too.)

Looking at the results in this way-- with an eye on the folks who are supportive of your efforts already, and on those who might be supportive or might even become preppers themselves if they think about it-- helps us devise an action plan. What are some things we could do to educate and encourage these folks? In the next post or two, I’ll present a couple of specific things we can do. And please, share your own experiences with the group!


Anonymous said...

My friends don't prep but are starting to see the need and say "I'll prep later" LOL

Kentucky Preppers Network

Marica said...

That's hysterical!

Anonymous said...

I have to qualify my survey response; Most go "Hmmmm, yeah, right"; and look at me weird; ONE buddy is working on it. BUT---
He has to fight his lady's attitude for the bucks he spends out of "his" pocket money for things like ammo, grain grinder and extra food and their latest bone of contention--- canning supplies. "SHE" enlists the help of HIS mother and the rest of his family in snide remarks and belittling behavior. What we see as simply prudent and a constructive lifestyle they veiw as really off the wall. Sad situation really; they've got two little ones and mom is critical of the idea of gardening and learning how to can from the elder lady up the road.
.... my own family is ambivilent; willing to "let" me do whatever I see fit w/o too much humor at my expense but assistance is negligible. My boss lady will spend extra to build a pantry but work to garden or get some critters----NOPE.
"I Spent a lotta efort to get off the farm and out of east Ohio and Morgan county; you want it, you do it."
It points out to me how much/little one person can do "alone" and how slow it goes.
My "gardening" and aborculture is more a learning/practice effort for me. Even if I grow it, she hates to cook. The big squarish white thing in the kitchen is reffered to as the tea heater and the last time I used it only one top burner was functioning. Don't get me wrong; I married a great lady, she works like a champion is/was a great mother and partner but domestic goddess and farm wife t'aint on the menu. Paper bags and styrafoam--are..she claims she is a hunter gatherer; out procuring food via Honda.
If/when TSHTF the wake up calls for most folks are going to be shocking and very painfull. For the rest of us, maybe the wake up won't shock us; but its still gonna be very, very painfull. C57

Marica said...

Sad commentary, C57. You're buddy's situation is crummy. Sounds to me like his family life would be crummy no matter what the issue was, though-- like they'd always find something to belittle him about, no matter what. Wish him luck, for me. And if it's any encouragement, tell him my husband is the cook & preserver in our house. (Put up some jalapenos just last weekend.) He's full-on a prepper-- a prepper with a PhD in Philosophy. A guy smart enough to know how important being prepared is-- just like your buddy.

I have never understood the "holier than thou" attitude of people who look down on country folks, like your boss. I wonder how happy she truly is? That's my bottom line-- and I don't mean happy in a teenaged girl way, I mean fulfilled. Anyway...

Going it alone ... at least you have us! I know it's not the same.

As for the painful part... humm... 1) there's always the joy of "I told ya so"!! 2) I guess it depends, at least in part, on what folks think they can't do without.

Anonymous said...

Half of my co-workers do it too now, the other half of my friends support me but don't really do it. I've already told them not to come knocking on my door when they realize they've made a mistake!

Marica said...

Yep-- I was on a "consistency" kick a while back: you have to be consistent in your actions, and hold others accountable for their actions too. I wrote up something about it. I'll see if I can find it. Glad your friends are supportive!

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