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Friday, July 10, 2009

Eat crow

I am probably not going to be posting much over the weekend. (But check anyway-- you never know.) The house-- our "urban farm"-- HAS to be on the market in less than a week & there's more than a week's worth of work still to do. Anyway-- I'm front-loading posts now. (As Mom might say, "Don't read them all at once; save some for later.")

For your information, crow season has already begun in Ohio! (Note that you can only shoot them on Friday, Saturday & Sunday.) It runs through March 14, 2010. Who knew?? If anyone has any good crow recipes, ... God, I hope it never comes to eating crow.

Why am I sharing this? Because if you don't hunt, now might be the time to learn. There's more to hunting for food than just lining up the sights and pulling the trigger. 

Here's a huge list of resources for field-dressing game. (Some of the links are no longer active, but most are o.k.)

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