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Friday, July 17, 2009

Frugal Friday is here!

I'm sure y'all have been thinking all week about your time & money saving tips you want to pass on. So let's begin! Anything goes (well, within the bounds of polite conversation). Recipes, shopping tips or finds, energy saving ideas, jerry-rigging ideas, you name it. Let's hear them!

(Sorry to have gone absent these few days. House goes on the market Monday & I am like a zombie trying to get stuff done. But I'll be back!)


Anonymous said...

Marcia, I love this idea. Would love to do a post on my money saving tips. I can write it up and e-mail it to you. I'm not computer literate and do not know how to do links to other websites. Anyone starting to stockpile or need to add extra stuff will become addicted to these awesome deals. I have a limited income and the gals on the websites are incredible with their ways to save money and get things for free. I've tried to subscribe to the reader, but never get updates. Maybe it's my computer(or me). lol Let me know how to get this to you.


Marica said...

This is awesome, Shelly! Thank you!

If you scroll down the page, near the bottom you'll see "Contributors" and my name. Just click on my name and it will take you to my profile. There, you will see a link to "email". So you can email what you write up & I'll post it.

Thanks, again! Looking forward to seeing what you can share.

Kymber said...

looking forward to these upcoming posts gals!
and Marica - good luck getting everything ready for Monday!

Anonymous said...

This seems like kind of a weird thing to submit, but I make my own deoderant. Costs about $10 and lasts me about 7+ months. Plus I'm vegan so this way I know it's animal-product free. I'd be glad to share the "recipe" if someone wants it, email me: peacechicken@riseup.net

Also, I found a coupon to get the Sunday Columbus Dispatch for $0.99/wk. and with the coupons I cut out I easily make the dollar back, plus more. As I said, I'm a vegan, so I can't use many of the coupons, but I still manage to get enough back to pay for the paper. Not to mention newspaper is a good thing to store anyway!

Marica said...

Thanks Laura! I just sent an email asking for teh recipe. Send it along & I'll post it.

Where did you find the coupon for the newspaper?

Anonymous said...

My depression era parents had a saying that went something like this; "Use it up, Wear it out, Make do, Do over and Do without". I am constantly amazed and appalled at what folks will cast aside. While I would really like to not take anything to the curb if I could.
Dumpster diving and gabage pickin'; one man's trash is another's treasure. Totally unacceptable in most social circles but "all good" by me. A friend's old entertainment center becomes particleboard shelving in my basement; framed up with 2x4's off my neighbor's set out for Rumpke. My "in the process" shed has glass 10x12 window panes in the old wood frames; the panes cut from other folk's broken windows. The dog pen/wood shed has showerdoor glass replacing/making better than the old windows. One of my [scrapwood] work stands has casters off the office chair tossed out at work. The seat for my tractor came out of my brother in law's "dead" Van.
Reduce reuse recycle.
I say away from fabric type stuff and anything I pick up gets an outdoor treatment for awhile to clear vermin.
My cars are old, my motorcycle is old, my house is old, my barn is old and I am old. See EVERYTHING matches; it's a decorator's dream

Marica said...

I'm with you, Anon! I, too am amazed and appalled at what folks cast aside. What's also amazing is the hypocrisy among some "reduce use recycle" chanting folks who wouldn't be caught dead picking stuff up off the curb. Oh! Wait! They can't pick stuff up off the curb. It doesn't fit in their teenytineylittle cars!

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