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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Labeling milk in Ohio

Haven't researched this, but thought it worth posting. From Organic Consumers Association.

Tell the Governor to Stop Harassing rBGH-free Dairies!

Early in 2008, we had a small victory in Ohio to protect consumers' right to know how their milk has been produced. Thousands of Ohioans contacted Governor Strickland and prevented him from blocking dairies from informing consumers that they do not use rBGH. (rBGH, aka Posilac, is the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone that Monsanto created.) Unfortunately, it turned out that the fine print of the governor's revised labeling rules helped Eli Lilly (rBGH's new owner) more than it helped consumers. The Governor's labeling rules created so many barriers that it had the effect of discouraging dairies that don't use rBGH from telling consumers that they'd gone rBGH-free.

Governor Strickland ignored thousands of consumer comments opposing his restrictions on "rBGH-free" dairy labels. The State of Ohio has been spending taxpayers' money over the last year to defend his unnecessary rule. The courts have postponed enforcement of the rule until resolution of an appeal by the International Dairy Foods Association and the Organic Trade AssociationOn July 23, 2009, IDFA and OTA are going into mediation with the Ohio Department of Agriculture to see if they can come to an agreement. Governor Strickland could still do the right thing and save the State of Ohio a lot of time and money by rescinding the rule.

Tell Governor Strickland that you want him to rescind the rules. He should be mandating labels on milk produced by cows injected with Eli Lilly's Posilac, not making it harder for rBGH-free dairies to effectively communicate with consumers.

For more information:

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