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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Home brew

I consider home wine-making (check) and home brewing (not yet, but on the list) pursuits of true Self-Reliance, Independence, and Happiness. Hope you agree.

From Popular Mechanics, via Instapundit

9 Serious DIY Beer-Brewing Rigs

There are times when taking a project into your own hands will not save time, money or even provide the highest quality product. But you do it anyway—the sign of a serious DIYer. Let's face it, building a shed, drawing up the plans, pouring the foundation and getting the wood yourself will take longer than buying a preassembled setup, and is likely to cost more. But it's not always about saving money and time. For example, with 8.6 million barrels of craft beer sold in 2008, and a growing artisanal beer community in the U.S., you'd think fewer people would be brewing at home. Instead, the opposite seems to be true—some estimates show that home brewing is on the rise in the U.S. Next time you crack open a cold one, strained, heated and brewed by your own hand, you'll understand. Here are nine DIY home breweries for the truly obsessed.

This is a three-tier brewing system, a simple—but elegant—gravity-fed rig. 

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