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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

If you missed this yesterday, it's worth taking a look at, given the poll (over on the right) "What do your friends think about prepping?"

Three Rules for Persuading the Sheeple, by Tall Sally This article could also be titled: "How to Convince Friends and Family to Prepare for Economic Collapse."

And speaking of economic collapse, via Instapundit:

YOUR ECONOMIC GLOOM ROUNDUP: [Me: I'm not a doom & gloomer. But I am a realist.]

Why Unemployment Could Hit 14%.

The Labor Market Is Worse Than You Think.

U.S. Workers Hired at Slowest Rate in 9 Years.

Stocks Hit 10-Week Low.

Consumer Loan Delinquencies Rise to Record Levels.

Of course, like the S (that's the S-word) I talked about in Monday's post, this S-- 14% unemployment, hiring slowdown, debt delinquency-- is never gonna happen & it's never going to affect you or your friends.

P.s. 12 of Ohio's 88 counties had unemployment rates of 14% or greater in June. In 65 counties, 1 or more out of ten people were unemployed. Only one county, Deleware, had an unemployment rate of less than 7.5%. List of counties here.


c57asey said...

Last year my "office" lost 5 full time workers; one remains as a part timer limited to 20 hours a week. 2 are on "on call" status. One has cut contact and one went to school for nursing. They are all seeking full time employment but have not been able to find what they want. Things are getting tighter out there.
Co worker called my wife [ who is on vacation] last night to give her a alert that her company is chopping heads left and right.
You continue to do an excellent job with this site. Thanks. Russ

Marica said...

Good luck, Russ! I'll keep my fingers crossed for your wife.

And thank YOU!

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