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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Firearms: cleaning & storing

Just got done cleaning guns & remembered this post from February. Thought it was worth a bump. [Yeah, that's right. We're moving. We have so much work to do it isn't funny. But we went to the range, anyway, to get in our monthly practice.]

Firearms - Clean and Store

Another excellent post by our friend Chris over at the1acreohiohomestead!
As I said in my last post, I spent 11 years behind a counter selling firearms. For the most part, I met good people with common sense and knowledge of their firearms. Then.....I knew the other guys. The ones that took better care of their kegerator in the garage than their deer gun. Nearly every year before gun season here, they came in and needed repairs. Some were due to neglect, some to mistreatment, but most were due to improper cleaning.

These guys would take their shotgun (deer slugs here in Ohio), and after their outing, hose the thing down with WD40 and stick it back into the closet or cabinet. Let me tell ya, that stuff may be great in the garage, but in the gun cabinet, it may as well be superglue. ...

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