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Monday, July 6, 2009

Never gonna happen!

The following is a list of things that are never going to happen to you or to someone you love.

You are

never going to step on a garden rake and have it smack you in the forehead so hard you momentarily loose consciousness, and then immediately get a goose egg the size of a golfball. (And speaking of golf...)

never going to see your child accidentally hit in the eye with a golf club swung by another child.

never going to loose electricity.

never going to loose electricity for more than 10 minute.

never going to loose electricity for more than 10 days.

never going to be flooded and only be able to leave your home in a raft or a canoe.

never going to be stung by a bee.

never going to get a flat tire in the middle of a torrential rain storm while traveling through rural Georgia on Saturday, December 26.

never going to run short on cash at the end of the month.

never going to have to put out a fire in your home.

never going to be face-to-face with a thug pointing a gun at you as you leave work at 11pm.

never going to be snowed in.

never going to be snowed in for more than 1 day.

never going to be snowed in for more than 3 days.

never going to encounter anyone in a diabetic (hypoglycemic) coma.

never going to be unable to find fresh or frozen yellow squash at your local market.

never going to be followed as you walk across a dark campus.

never going to run out of toilet paper when company’s on the way.

never going to be lost in the woods.

never going to see a child choke on a banana.

never going to be stalked.

never going to run out of wine or beer.

never have someone try to break into your home.

never going to run out of ammo.

never going to have to walk or ride the bus because gas is too expensive.

never going to hit a deer.

never going to be the one your ding-a-ling friend calls from the pokey after he does something stupid and needs bail money.

never going to have to take out a splinter.

never going to have to boil tap water before you drink it.

never going to sleepwalk your way out of a second story window, fracture a vertebra, have no health insurance, make “too much” to be eligible for aid, have medical expenses totally 25% of your yearly income-- but still not enough to claim anything more than the standard deduction on your taxes-- and still be paying $50/month to some schmuck doctor 18 months later.

never going to have an electric trolling motor catch on fire in the middle of a lake.

never going to have miscalculated when your bonus check comes in.

never going to lock the keys in the truck.

ALL of these things are never going to happen to you or to someone you love. All of them did happen to me or to someone I love, but chances are pretty slim that ALL of them will happen to you & yours. 

SOME of these or similar things have happened to you. Some no doubt will in the future.  Others you haven't even dreamed of will, too. How did / will you respond? In terms of resources, attitude and ability to take action, were you / will you be prepared? Above, sometimes I was, sometimes I wasn’t. 

Note that none, zero, nada, none of these counts, at least in my mind, as a true SHTF situation. There are no little green men or zombies involved. No nuclear, biological, or dirty bombs went off. No electro magnetic pulse shut down the world’s electronic grid. There were no hoards of hungry rioting people, no armed “peacekeepers” or census workers. Pretty much just ordinary S, not SHTF S. This is the kind of S that happens when you wake up in the morning and have the courage to venture out into the world-- and some of it evens happens before you wake up! (Sleepwalking child basically o.k., although her back will probably hurt the rest of her life.)

When you have a minute, scroll through your life. When S happened, how’d you do? If you had what you consider a real SHTF situation, how’d you do then? 

Don’t forget to take the poll over on the right in the sidebar. And read yesterday’s post if you have time. I hope you’ll see a connection with today’s.

Prep on!

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