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Friday, July 3, 2009

SURVIVAL on the Outdoor Channel

via American Prepper

From Prepared in TN

Hi All,

Wanted to make sure you all know about this new show starting tonight on the Outdoor Channel and going each Wednesday for the next 10 weeks. Looks like it will, finally, be a good one on actually Survival Techniques. Here's the info. Perhaps those of you who get this channel could make copies for those of us who don't and we could pass them around. 

Here's the info:

New show starting tonight (01 July 2009) on the Outdoor Channel:

The Best Defense, with Michael Bane. Sponsored by Midway USA.

Info: http://www.downrange.tv/bestdefense/episodes.htm


July 1, 2009:
Episode 1: Welcome to SURVIVAL!
From Disaster City, the premiere training facility for first responders dealing with community wide disasters, Michael Bane introduces us to our new series The Best Defense: SURVIVAL!

We meet Bob McKee, the director of the 52 acre Disaster City training facility. Bob gives us important information about his facility and, more importantly, some general guidelines for your safety during any disaster.
Rob Pincus and Mike Janich return as co-hosts, and introduce us to the SURVIVAL gun range: a 300 square yard disaster area made for firearm training in unique situations. Rob and Mike give us a review of the firearms we will cover during this special ten week series.

Finally, we go through what is referred to as the Survival Mindset; how you need to start changing the way you think and consider what you would do if the unthinkable were to happen.

Keep reading... 

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