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Sunday, July 5, 2009

What do your friends think about prepping?

As I've mentioned before, I truly love American Prepper's tag-line: Freedom through teaching others self-reliance.

Seeing it again this morning, I asked myself if I am "teaching" my own friends, not my veggie garden clients, but my friends.  And I wondered what your friends think about prepping. (See the poll on the sidebar.) 

Without a doubt, 100% of people who I'd call even casual "friends" know we are preppers. They may not know the term, but they know what we do, and they are supportive. Some think we're a bit odd, and they've come up with all sorts of cute things to call us like "right-wing hippies" (this does not keep them from enjoying our homemade wine, by the way). And when we start talking about why we're doing this, they only poke good fun (do we really see total societal collapse? Come on!) and this leads to some great discussion. But unfortunately, the majority-- not all, but most-- are not actively preparing for any sort of unexpected event. 

We actively engage them in rational discussions about being self-reliant. We've been prepared when they weren't, and so there are concrete examples they could learn from. But they are not. 

Why is this? I have some thoughts, but I'm curious to know you all's situation with regard to prepping and your friends' attitudes & actions. So take the poll. And if you can think of ways I can better teach my friends to be self-reliant, let me know!


American Prepper said...

Right Wing Hippies! I love it! I never heard of that before...LOL

Kymber said...

Marica - to be honest - in the last several years as we became more aware and awake - we have stopped being friends with some of our friends as they really have no understanding of what we are doing! which is why it is so great to have found this network of like-minded people - even though all of us are sooo different!
we have been called green, eco-aware, modern hippies and environmentalists by our friends - but none of those words ever fit! it wasn't until American Prepper put this network together that we found out what we really are - PREPPERS!
i love this network and i love your posts! i am very glad that your are running the Ohio Preppers Network. and if you are ever bored - check out the Canadian Preppers Network.

Anonymous said...

Marcia-as a new prepper(3 months in)I have found that I think much differently now than many of my friends. I selectively share my views on prepping with people I trust.-That's not many. We have like minded friends that share our views and everybody knows that they are prepared for instability or some disaster. At a 4th party yesterday, a comment was made that if things do get bad they know where they're going. Their house! As much as I hope we have a good network if SHTF, I know I don't have the resources to sustain an army of people that think what preppers are doing is crazy. I am greatful for the preppers networks as I've learned so much about becoming more independent in my sustenance skills. You all have become like a very long distance family and help me more in alot of ways than my own family. I don't think a question or concern has ever gone unanswered.

Kymber-sorry to hear you've lost frinds over your lifestyle choice. I sat my sister down and told her she needed to get some extra staples in her house (used swine flu and economy as examples), she made a joke out of what I told her. She said," I don't have time to keep bread and milk in the house let alone extra milk." The sad part is she has the resources to prep but lives only for today. People will never understand what we do, until something happens.


Marica said...

Thanks for the comments, you all.

I agree that a big part of prepping should be to surround yourself with like minded people as best you can. And of course I agree with Tom that we should teach people. But you've both hit the nail on the head-- can't teach 'em if they think there's no reason to learn. So what's a prepper to do? And like Shelly says, what are you supposed to do when they come asking you for help? Top of my head reaction? Make 'em work for it!!

Anyway, your comments got me thinking about what these people are not thinking through. What if you get a flat tire? Well, call AAA. Yeah... but... what if you didn't keep the cell phone charged? What if electricity in all of Ohio is out for weeks? Well, we'll eat out. Ummm... you didn't that one through real well.

That's why I posted that long list today. B/c you'd think people would LEARN from the normal shit that happens that can be pretty disruptive. I'm being to think there are a whole lot of people out there who've lost the capacity to reason and learn.

"People will never understand what we do, until something happens." Even then, some will just wonder where Nanny was when she was supposed to be looking out for their best interests.

On the bright side, I know there are a lot of people out there wanting to learn how to grow vegetable gardens. So maybe there's hope for some!

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