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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Garden theft

Caught a bit of the front page news of Tupelo MS on the way back to Cincinnati today. Seems a group of charitable folks were growing a garden with the intention of donating the harvest to the local Salvation Army for those in need.

Someone stole into the garden and picked it clean.

A local guy-- a farmer I presume-- heard the story and gave a huge portion of his harvest back to the group so they would still be able to make the donation.

Take that you dirty thieves!

Self-reliance is not synonymous with stingy selfishness, or being greedy. No doubt what the farmer gave away was not "surplus." Most likely, he had planned on benefitting from his entire crop, and hadn't planned to give a portion of it away. 

Or maybe he had planned for some unknown. I'll never know. But I think I'll plant a bit extra in my gardens from now on.


Andrea said...

Theres a reason I have a sign posted....

"If you can read this, you're in range."

Everyone thinks it's funny, but they leave wondering if it's true or not.

Pleasant Twshp, Ohio

Chris W said...

I remember someone stealing vegetables from my folks place when I was a teen. Dad waited em out one night in the back of the pickup with 12 guage blanks. He never did find out exactly who it was, but they dropped a basket and are probably STILL running. My grandfather had problems with the same thing once or twice and loaded some .410's with rock salt. He actually did get someone in the a$$, but same as dad, never found out who it was.

We plant a bit extra in ours every year for my best friend's mother. Since her stroke, she can't use her left arm at all, so we just keep her in vegetables all season long.I've known that woman my entire life, she deserves a little free produce now and then.

matthiasj said...

I think we're going to see more and more garden thief's as times get tougher and people get hungrier.

Kentucky Preppers Network

Marica said...

Knock on wood... . Amazingly, we've had no problems after two years of the main veggie garden in the front yard. (Keep the 'maters out back, though!)

Love the sign, Andrea!

I think for the most part, these episodes--like Chris' I mean-- are kids being stupid. I will not report the dumb things I participated in. But as Matt says, I wonder if we will see more folks with different motives.

We, too give away a lot to people we know. You're a good guy, Chris! Had we been staying in Cincinnati, I would have enlisted a couple of neighborhood kids to help out-- with veggies as payment for their labors. They'd have a vested interest in seeing that nothing bad happened!

scoutinlife said...

Funny thing someone or something raided only my small cantaloupe patch. Nothing else taken just about 7 cantaloupes gone........ Leaving only 8 strange events..........

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm in Tupelo, MS and the guy that donated the fruit and vegetables has a produce stand here. As you implied, this was not excess. Here in Tupelo, if someone has extra produce in their garden, local charities will even come out and harvest it.

Marica said...

HEY! Anon in Tupelo!

I do not know who you are, but I look forward to meeting you.


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