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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Individual autonomy

Here is a nice quote that summarizes the relationship between self-reliance and statism:

The current efforts to centralize power in Washington must be resisted because they substitute the authority of the state for our individual autonomy over the direction of our lives.

Read the short post, Jobs and Freedom by Burton Folsom at National Review Online's The Corner

I, for one, am perfectly capable of directing my own life-- heck, I have 50 years of experience (o.k., o.k., Mom & Dad "directed" some of the early years). And you?

Now back to stewing tomatoes and freezing raspberries, collards, zucchini, yellow squash, and green beans. My kitchen is very colorful today-- and smells like fresh veggies!


matthiasj said...

Good quote Marcia.

Kentucky Preppers Network

Worn Out said...

The same thing happened to my brother in law's corn field in Missouri last year. Terrible! Any closer to deciding what property you want?

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