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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just doin' my part

This very short interview with me appears in the September issue of Cincinnati Magazine (on newsstands 8/27). (Click on the photo to enlarge.)

For those not familiar with the magazine, it's the hip & trendy publication here in Cincinnati. I have no clue as to how folks at the magazine heard about me. And to tell you the truth, since we are moving, I hesitated to do the interview.

The deciding factor was my message (not my business): I want to encourage people to grow their own fruits, veggies & herbs. I want to encourage them to be more self-reliant. Notice that there's no mention of "prepping," per se. It's not that I'm ashamed to be called a "prepper" it's that I'm trying to get more people into prepping through the back door, so to speak. Get them doing prepping-related activities, and sooner or later they'll figure out that they are prepping!
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Kymber said...

Marica - what an awesome article! i love the pic as it shows you, your veggies and your yard!
Kudos to you girl!

matthiasj said...

Congrats! Great job!

Kentucky Preppers Network

Jimmy the Screwdriver said...

So, do you mostly focus on gardening when your trying to introduce new people to prepping?

What other things come up in your conversation? I usually find myself going on a long lecture about financial collapse and before you know it they are looking for the door... lol

Marica said...

Hey Jimmy-- I do mostly focus on those aspects that people can relate to immediately. So food is a biggie. Guns & 2A rights are next. We are pretty "public" about both but food is easier, obviously. And not just gardening, but the whole spectrum of food-- cooking from scratch, freezing & canning, making our own wine & condiments like chili sauce, mustard, etc.

Rather than just talking, we try to engage them in our activities. Lots of people eat at our house & know how good the food is & see how easy it is to garden. And many have followed our lead.

We also have a fun activity that we call "Take a Liberal Shooting"! So rather than talk guns and second amendment, we take them to an outdoor range and make a day of it. You'd be surprised how many have become gun owners!

Long answer, but that's sort of what I meant by getting people in through the back door. Don't get me wrong, we discuss politics & culture all the time. We've just found it's a lot easier to teach people how to do the things we do and worry about their motivations for wanting to learn how to do these things later.

You may be interested in reading The Philosophy of Guerilla Farming on my blog. It talks about motivations for wanting to grow your own.


As to the other things that come up, with friends & acquaintances, honestly what comes up are more philosophical/historical topics like the basis of concepts like rights, free markets, localism, and so on. With my clients, what typically comes up is talk about their grandparents. No kidding. They want to talk about the simpler life, about childhood memories of helping in the garden and in the kitchen, about how healthy the old folks were b/c they ate so well. Many of my clients are couples with young families. And there is a definite sense that they want to move away from corporate-based living and toward a more family-centered life. I just run with that. I think few preppers actually make one conscious decision to prep. Rather, they start down the road one step at a time (like we did). And gardening & food is a great first step.

Sorry to be so long winded, but I thought your questions were excellent.

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