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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sounds like good Fall crop weather

Here is the long range forecast from the Farmer's Almanac:

Great Lakes/Midwest U.S. Weather

August 2009
24th-27th. Heavy rains gradually subside, and it turns somewhat cooler and drier. 28th-31st.Another round of unseasonably chilly air follows heavy rains and thunderstorms.

September 2009
1st-3rd. Record low temperatures Great Lakes. 4th-7th. A shower or two initially, then clear and unseasonably chilly air. 8th-11th.Unseasonably chilly air spills across the Lakes and moves south. Heavy showers push east out of the Ohio River Basin. 12th-15th.Showers and thunderstorms followed by cooler weather. 16th-19th. Showery weather. 20th-23rd. Light showers. 24th-27th.Light scattered showers. Cool to start, then moderating. 28th-30th. Developing storm system brings rainy weather, followed by an early freeze or frost.

October 2009
1st-3rd. Cold rains across the Great Lakes. 4th-7th. Many showers and a few thunderstorms Great Lakes south to Kentucky.8th-11th. Rains Great Lakes, then clear and cooler weather moves in from the west. 12th-15th. Generally fair weather prevails.16th-19th. Humid and rather showery from the Great Lakes south.20th-23rd. Showers, followed by a mixture of clouds and sun.


Chris W said...

Working on the fall garden this week and next. The summer garden has given us enough to get through the winter and more.Re-sewed 45 ft of onions, two 8x8 beds of greens, 6ft parsnips, 8ft turnips and 8ft carrots already. It still amazes me how much we can produce on one acre and out of a 45x65 vegetable garden. With all the produce, chickens, meat rabbits, and 16 free young roosters for the freezer, we've managed to go to the grocery store ONCE this month!

Marica said...

YEAH!! Good for you! And what a great feeling, huh? We managed to get through from last summer to this April without buying a single tomato product.

Now-- about those parsnips. Any tips/tricks to share? I don't have good luck with them.

Chris W said...

Parsnips have been kinda hit and miss here. Last year they did GREAT, this year we got a few, then somethine chewed almost every one. I resewed in early summer and got a decent crop. I've found out that (here at least) they like a heavy mulch and lots of compost. I put the rabbit cleanout straight on them 2nd time around and they did better.

Marica said...

Thanks, Chris W. I don't have a rabbit, but I think I can improvise. Did you re-sow them in the same spot? That could be one reason for a poorer crop than last year.

Also, do you dig a "pilot" hole? I read an old gardening book that basically said to use something like a bulb planter to dig out the hole, then fill the hole with good compost, tap down, sow seed on top. The object is to keep the parsnip straight.

Thoughts? I really want to be a good parsnip grower!

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