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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Heat equivalents of common firewoods

I find this table (click to enlarge) interesting for two reasons. First, if you heat with wood-- either as your primary or secondary back-up fuel-- it's interesting to see the relative differences in species. It takes roughly 2 cords of pine to produce the same amount of energy as 1 cord of hickory (pine is far less dense than hickory).

Second, with this information you can calculate relative costs of the different fuels, at today's rates. For example, based on the current rate of natural gas from good ol' Duke Energy ($0.564), burning 308 CCUs (that's 308,000 cubic feet)-- the amount generated by a cord of hickory-- would cost $173; burning 150 CCUs of natural gas-- the amount generated by a cord of pine-- would cost $84. I couldn't quickly discover current rates of propane, but less than a year ago (11/2008) it was running about $2.30/gal in Toledo. 251 gallons x $2.30/gal. = $577. That ain't cheap.

If you are considering wood as a heating source, and thinking about its cost-effectiveness, you'd of course have to compare the price of wood with 'conventional' fuels. In an effort to get some idea, I stumbled upon Woodheat.org. Looks like a great fun place! Didn't find any pricing for average costs of wood in Ohio, but did learn a bunch.

I do believe I have rambled on. But hope you find the info useful in your preps.
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