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Monday, September 7, 2009

no guns = no money

As you know, Open Carry is a legal activity in Ohio.

As well, Ohio is a "shall issue" state: a license to carry a concealed hand gun shall be issued providing the applicant meets certain criteria. The issuing agency (in Ohio, the sheriff's office) has no discretion: meet the criteria and you get a concealed handgun license (CHL) in Ohio. This is in contrast to "may issue" states in which the license applicant still has to meet certain criteria, but the issuing agency can exercise discretion: meet the criteria and you may or may not get a license. Some states are may issue on the books, but in fact are no-issue.

So, Ohioans, feel good about this.

Whether you choose to carry openly, or to obtain a license to carry concealed, there are still restrictions on where you can carry. Among places where you can't carry are those that are "posted" private properties, typically businesses. You may have seen the "no guns" sign on UDF, Fifth Third Bank, and doctor's office doors.

I think there is confusion on the part of some small, local, business owners about their rights to post or not. I am not a lawyer (!) but my understanding is that it is an owner's decision. Other than those establishments where Ohio code prohibits carry (e.g., bars and restaurants that serve alcohol, but that may change) the law leaves it to the business owner to decide.

Ohioans for Concealed Carry (OFCC) has an active, ongoing campaign to educate business owners who post their establishments as so-called "criminal protection zones" (like signs will stop a bad guy, right?). In all cases where OFCC members have been successful in convincing a business owner to un-post his business, the campaign has started with just one or two individuals.

The image above is of a business card that can be given to the owner or manager of a posted establishment. It's respectful in tone. I love the back side.

As an Ohio Concealed Handgun License Holder, I

- have no felony convictions (lifetime)
- have never been convicted of a drug offense
- have no mental defects or disabilities
- have passed a criminal history background check

How much do you know about your other customers?

The cards are available at the OFCC store website. $3 for 24. You do not need to be a member to purchase there. At OFCC's main site there is a list of Criminal Protection Zone establishments. Also at the main site you can contact OFCC officers regarding Do Not Patronize While Armed establishments, and ask specific questions and enlist help in talking with owners of these establishments (choose the "DNPWA Q" in the pull down "destination" choice).

The "Criminal Protection Zone" board at the OFCC Forums has lots of informative and entertaining posts. You do not need to be a member of OFCC to read through the posts.

Remember-- the right to carry does not trump private property rights. The property owner has a choice to post or not. You have a choice to patronize or not.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, please support HB 129 and HB 203 currently assigned to committee!!

Marica said...

+1 on this.

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