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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Outlook: not too good

I do not like being a doom & gloom prepper, or posting doom & gloom, but this is the second article I've come across this morning that's forecasting doom & gloom. Looks like incentive to get your preps on. I snatched the above table from a blog posting, Doug Ross @ Journal. ["Net employment outlook" is the % of businesses expecting to increase staff levels, minus the % expecting to decrease staff; that means lay off or fire folks.] Here's how Doug Ross begins his post:

More than 28,000 interviews in 201 metro areas were used to create Manpower's U.S. Employment Outlook Survey for the fourth quarter of 2009. The survey results depict an economy that is gasping for breath. Dazed companies are either frozen in fear or shedding staff in anticipation of the brilliant plans of the Democrats: sweeping new energy taxes (Cap-and-Trade); socialized medicine (with brutal mandates for small businesses); forced unionization (card check); and a reduction in consumer spending (with the expiration of the across-the-board Bush tax cuts).

The entire ManPower report is embedded here. It has region-by-region, and sector-by sector analyses. [Sorry, can seem to copy from the report.]

Prep on folks. And spread the word.
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