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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


At Popular Mechanics:

The New Homesteaders: Off-the-Grid and Self-Reliant

You may have heard about them: Off-the-gridders living in radical opposition to modern amenities by growing their own food and cutting themselves off from the rest of society. Not so. Sure, more people are choosing to cut their dependence on the power grid, the grocery story and fuel pump. But these new homesteaders are hardly radicals—they are simply DIYers who, for a variety of reasons, revel in self-reliance. This is their story.

So if you're having trouble convincing your family & friends that prepping makes sense-- tell 'em to go read Popular Mechanics. And then join the Preppers Network!


wolfe said...

Totally awesome. Thanks for posting this.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the article. It's always nice to show us preppers in a good light.

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