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Friday, October 30, 2009

Ohio Alert: Issue 2 voting

Back for just a minute to post this. I haven't looked into the issue-- I won't be voting in Ohio!!-- but I thought I should pass it along.

Hope everyone's doing well!


Stop the Corporate Power Grab! Vote No on Issue 2!

In an ambitious power grab, corporate agribusiness is trying to write itself into the Ohio constitution. Small farmers and other concerned citizens across the state are trying to prevent that threat from becoming a reality on Election Day on November 3rd.
While masquerading as an attempt to improve food safety and animal welfare, Issue 2 would give a board of political appointees unchecked power to decide any and all regulations related to animal agriculture. The board could make decisions that radically shift policy in any direction on issues like the use of antibiotics and growth hormones, genetically engineered animals, cloned animals, animal ID and traceability, and factory farm zoning reguations.
Please volunteer to contact voters and hang door hangers: info[at]ohioact.org


Anonymous said...

Thanks Marica for the info. I was just passing through to get to Dan's blog and noticed this posted. Glad you did as I had no idea how to vote for this issue. Unfortunately, there's a lot of support for this, so we'll have to wait till Tues. Glad ya came back if only for a moment.-Shelly

Anonymous said...


Regrettably, the issue passed. It was aggressively marketed as a food safety and animal welfare initiative, and who could be against that? But, as it goes with most government initiatives, it will only institutionalize the concerns it pretended to address. The big gov't/big biz partnership wins again.

I hope all's well in Mississippi.



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