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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Site info

As some of you know, DH & I are changing our circumstances.

When I took on the role of OPN moderator, it was understood that it was a temporary assignment. I just wanted to keep the site alive. I knew we were moving from Cincinnati to Mississippi, but I felt it important to keep the site active. We have now been in Mississippi for over a month. We are closing in on buying a 60 acre farm where we can learn & hone the skills, and forge relationships, needed to be more self-reliant than we ever could have been in Cincinnati.

What interests me now is by 'n large not relevant to Ohioans. And so I will-- heck I already have-- stop posting to OPN.

I hope to convince Dan to take on the role of moderator of this site.

If any of you who followed the site from its inception-- from maybe Jan/Feb this year-- are still around, hook up with Tom at American Preppers and start contributing again.

Y'all take care. If you find yourselves in Mississippi... give me a holler. You have a place to stay.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Bye girl, have a great life; ya did an excellent job. Ohio's loss and their gain. c57

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