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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Stop the control: Turn off the box

Another post from our pal Dan, the Urban Prepper. Thanks, Dan. Related post here.

The Urban Prepper:

Stop the Control…TURN THE BOX OFF!

I have a challenge for you, your family and friends…Stop Watching TV for a week.

Are you curious why people are in a “Zombie State” of numbness and lethargic when they should be mad as hell about the state of this country…ever heard of “Flicker Rates” or “Subliminal Messages”?    I dare you and your family…just do it for a week…OK make an exception for College Football but turn the box off immediately afterwards.  Put your spare time towards reading (stay away from the weekly propaganda like Time or Newsweek) grab a good book or cruise the web.
The first 2-days you’ll find yourself craving the Tube, the 3rd or 4th day you’ll be more interested in that book and by the 5th-6th day you’ll find your entire attitude and overall awareness have increased…suddenly you’ll find you’re a bit sharper and awake.   You should notice a huge attitude improvement after 7 days…why you ask?  You’ve just weaned your mind from an addictive controlling drug…TV.

After your TV re-hab you’ll notice the news is truly controlled and mostly reporting “fluff” pieces and pro-government prepared Intel…no matter what network you choose.  You’ll see how you’re slammed with Pharma ads.  Your daughters aren’t “hip” unless they’re dressed like tramps and in size “zero” outfits.  Practically every show has some reference to and the promotion of sex…even SNL dropped the “F” bomb this past weekend for ratings.  Don’t even go to the Cartoon Network…all kinds of innuendos and symbolism for the kiddies. 

We came upon hard times, a factory closure a few months ago and had to scale down…we gave up the luxury items which included cable and rediscovered our local library and neighbour book exchange.  We went (2) weeks without TV and noticed a change in our attitudes and alertness. We are more active and alert and now biking daily 10-20 miles or walking 2-5 miles.  You might say we went through an awakening.   Like previous smokers we really see the TV effects on others and are trying to awaken those close to us…so far… (2) Relatives have changed their viewing habits and are awakening too!

POI-I was talking to my local grocer manager (also a fellow Prepper) and he said more people are stocking in quantity, buying in cases and lot sizes.  He noticed in the past (3) weeks Powdered Eggs and Milk have been flying off the shelf.  In addition he mentioned warehouse inventories are “considerably less” than last year and they have been moving store inventories to “make it look as if we have more than shown”.



Anonymous said...

Good post. My wife and I were just talking about this very topic. TV and what passes for entertainment these days is horrible not to mention how many people still set the kids in front of the box as baby sitter. Keep up the good work UP. We like your posts. Need some more prep tips.


Anonymous said...

You are exactly right about the "TV Stare". I no longer let my kids watch more that 1-2 hours a night and have been guilty of "making my kids play outside"...I'm such a mean parent! I chase my husband off too.
Good posts which makes you think, a novel idea.


Anonymous said...

Dan- great post! By the way, who is the local grocer. (Name of store) I did not realize powdered eggs could be bought locally and do they sell other long term food supplies. Also has anyone expressed interest in a meet-up. It does not have to be elaborate, just wondering if there is like minded people in the area to ban with if things get scary.-Shelly

Anonymous said...


I'm game...maybe a breakfast of lunch meet-up? Let's formally announce a NW Ohio meet-up by the end of October.


Anonymous said...

Dan, sounds great! I will be looking for an announcement.-Shelly

The Urban Prepper said...

Shelly, Ann and all:

I've opened a blog...go to:



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