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Sunday, November 15, 2009

From a Mississippi Prepper

Here are a 1/2 doz links you may find interesting:

Perfect prepper muffin (batter lasts for 6 weeks in the fridge!)

Prepping for the long haul (where to get 10 trees for $10 and how trees save $$ on energy)

Declutter then you might have room (prepping in small spaces by 'wornout' in Mississippi)

$100 food storage list (a real list of items, amount, serving, cost; from Kentucky Preppers)

Prepping for college students (first of a 4-part post; from Kentucky)

Getting your finances in order (excellent, practical advise; from Kentucky)

[Please read the sidebar. See how easy this is? ;-)

Oh! About the pic. For those of you who followed our moving saga this summer... that's part of our 6 acre lake. For those who didn't, it's still part of our lake, but it represents a serious move on our part to become much more self-reliant than we could have been in Cincinnati (WhoDey!! by the way). We were at a point in our lives, and thankfully in the position, to take our preps to the next level: a 60 acre farm in rural Mississippi (there are few parts that aren't rural). Just moved in. Enough work to last a lifetime, literally. But it's ours.

Prep on!

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