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Sunday, December 6, 2009

ACORN in Ohio

So my practice as moderator of OHPN was to be non-political, except when I came across information that was relevant to Ohioans. No longer moderator, but still have posting privileges, therefore:

What Is ACORN Up To In Ohio?

As a Swing State with a few important races in 2010, Ohio will be an even more important state than usual. An Ohio blogger has been tracking ACORN and what they're up to and doesn't like everything he sees. Check it out.
Back in October, US House Representative Darrell Issa (R, CA-49) released news that his office had, in its possession a document from Ohio ACORN offices which documented the byzantine progressive "community organizing" group's plan to influence Ohio state and national elections.  Issa is the Ranking Member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.
The document, entitled "OHIO 2007-08 Political Plan" was written by Katy Gall, Mari Engelhardt, and Jeremy Mitchell.  Gall has served as the "Ohio ACORN Head Organizer" since 2005, according to LinkedIn.

From Riehl World View.


Anonymous said...

Personally I don't get involved with politics because of many other things to do but if a person is interested in going more into the political activism way, in the Toledo area one can get with the fine folks Children of liberty. I know several of them are working hard to fight back the eroding rights.


Anonymous said...

Good info Marica and good comment from anon. Just a question, though. Where do you find this type of info, that so greatly effects Ohioans? I pay close attention to things nationally and globally as this is effecting everyone, but would like to know more about Ohio news.


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