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Friday, December 4, 2009

Being frugally minded was not in my vocabulary a year ago. Yes I liked cheap, but did not actively pursue deals. My frugal lifestyle started after months of research in early 2009, and had an epiphany that the world was falling apart, while I was out enjoying my life. I discovered the Utah Preppers Network and realized there was one for every state. I was hooked! These blogs have helped me in my new lifestyle, giving me a wealth of knowledge, all in one network.

After reading blogs about food storage, and realizing that the world is changing fast, I began to panic. How would I ever get the money to start a food storage, let alone keeping up with weekly grocery bills? I was forced to learn the coupon game. I call it a game, because the the winner is the one who ends up with cheap to free groceries. Many of you preppers may already be avid coupon users, but many are just starting on this journey, and may not have money to start a food storage. I frequent many blogs and I am going to share some with you to check out, so you will see how easy this is. They do all the work for you. All you need to do is collect your coupons and go shop.

Most of these websites are Ohio based. In my six months of couponing, I have noticed the sales and prices generally run the same everywhere statewide. I have hustled these deals and have successfully built up a food storage by couponing and canning. You can do it too, if you take the time to do your homework. I feed a family of six on $35.00-40.00 per week and spend 20.00 per week on food storage for a total 55.00-60.00 per week. The only toiletry I pay for is toilet paper, everything else I get for free. Razors, shampoo, band-aids, etc...

The websites are:

Stretching a Buck- Columbus area

Money Saving Mom-This site is great for drugstore deals

Little Miss Know it All-Cincinnati area

Saving Money in Toledo-Toledo area

Recipes, Money Saving Tips...And A Little Bit Of Jesus-Toledo and Perrysburg area
(No this is not me! Just a great site!)

Saving in Akron-Akron area

If you do not get a Sunday paper, start getting them or call your local dollar store. Many sell them for a dollar on Sundays. You can buy more than one paper and get multiple savings and you will build up your food storage quicker.

God Bless,



Anonymous said...

Coupons are the thing I've never really gotten into for some reason. I mainly just buy the sale items and compare prices when I can between stores. I've been utterly disappointed in the sale ads - nearly 75% of the stuff that IS on sale isn't listed, weekend ads are nothing what like they use to be. But thanks, I'll have to take a look at the Toledo site.

I've been prepping one way or another since 1999. When people start out in prepping they don't of just taking little bites out of it, but think they have to take a huge big bite and get everything at once - today a person/family just cannot do that especially without going nuts or get into "preparedness burnout". Won't even mention the expense it will be. What works great is having a small or large circle of friends who belong to Sams, Costco, LDS cannery or even works at a dollar store or grocery store who can get 'prep' items (food items are really the most expensive) at a lower price. Even some school systems allow their kitchen employees to buy from Sysco/Gordon Foods in bulk to help out finances. But that practice is declining drastically.


Anonymous said...

J-Great comment! Coupons can be a pain sometimes, but this is the only way I can afford to stockpile. I'm sure many others are in the same situation.

That's wonderful that you've been prepping for 10 years. You were smart and saw things coming, I did not. I do have prepping burnout, but that's because I've been sleeping, and the news is not good. I fear the newbies out there do not have 10 years so we must act aggressively and get things done. I feel major change is only 6-12 months away if we're lucky. Having a group of like-minded friends to gather with and/or do group buys is a great idea. The hard part is finding like-minded people without giving up the fact you have a stash of preps. Great comment and advice!


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