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Friday, January 1, 2010


For many of us the new year represents new starts, goals and reflection. I have many goals for the coming year and hope you have set some too. The goals I have set are stockpiling more food, mainly dry goods, getting my survival book together, losing some weight and getting in better physical shape, organizing my entire home including all outbuildings, amongst other things.

You may think, yea right, I wonder how many will get accomplished. I will tell you now, they all will, and we will walk through some of it together. You can hold me accountable as I will you if you like. This keeps us on our toes. The reason I am going into this year head first is because the blogs and news reports I have been reading do not sound good. I have this awful feeling in my gut that life may change this year for all of us. I tend to stay optimistic, but optimism is fading. If you are reading this blog and not doing anything, you need to start acting NOW. Time is running out. For many of us Ohioans, work is slow, or you may be unemployed. I am going to do my best to bring you as many deals and tips that I run across to help you become more self sufficient and be more frugally minded.

On that note, when I checked my emails this morning, I was ecstatic to find an email from a blog I subscribe to called Survivalist Blog. There it was, a start to my preparedness book for all to use and enjoy, and pass along. The title of it is "It's The End Of The World As We Know It E-Book. This is a great start to a survivalist book, and in my opinion, put together beautifully.
If you don't have a survivalist handbook started, this is a great beginning. This is in PDF format and can be printed and put into a binder. Thanks MD Creekmore. This was gracious and thoughtful of you.

Also on the left hand side of this blog, is a link to a prepper e-book from the preppers networks. Take advantage of all the knowledge from fellow preppers and get this stuff printed out. If you cannot afford ink and paper, go to the library. Copies are cheap. I believe it's 10 cents a copy. This information is vital to your survival if things continue to deteriorate.

God Bless,



Andrea said...

Shelly, we should be weight-loss accountability buddies! I still have some baby weight to lose....if it qualifies as baby weight. My baby is almost 4 LOL.

Anonymous said...

Andrea, Sounds like a plan. My baby is 7, I say it qualifies as baby fat. That's how I gained it. I will post my progress on Monday the 10th. Good luck, you can do it. We need to get into shape to get ready for what is coming and our kids need us to be ready also.


Andrea said...

Why don't you email me so we don't have to post our shame online?? arlynch@woh.rr.com

Anonymous said...

Oh c'mon.. being round is a shape! But I just want to be in better shape - more stamina more energy.


erniesjourney said...

Good job Shelly!!

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