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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Security Measures

Sorry I've been gone a bit. I've been very busy. As most of you know the economy is improving, yet we have 1,500 men, women, and children homeless in Toledo and Walmart/Sam's club is laying off 11,500 employees. That is some improvement! I hope you are at the very least putting back some food and water, because their seems to be some conflicting data out there on the improving economy.

With the economy deteriorating and crime and break-ins on the increase it would be wise to make security a part of your preps. This is an area we still need to work on and will be completing this in the spring. The biggest thing we will be doing is getting the supplies needed to put up a solar powered cattle fence around our property. We will be securing one acre of our property in this way. If the economy severely deteriorates and social unrest ensues, we will be putting this fence up around the perimeter we want secured. Grass will be overgrown around the fencing (except where the fence is) and hopefully will become a booby trap. Or at the very least make some intruder think twice about moving forward onto our property. We have also thought about putting traps around that area in addition to the fence. These are all things we are mulling over and must say it is depressing to think in this matter, but feel it must be done. If anyone has pros and cons or have installed these yourself, please leave suggestions.

There are many posts out there on securing your property and here's a few to get you started. NM URBAN HOMESTEADER has a post on Urban Suburban Rural Security Landscaping and Lighting-Part 1 and Kentucky Preppers did a post on securing Entry Doors. Last but not least Dan over at The Urban Prepper is doing a series on securing your property.

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Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Definitely something we need to think about here, too. I started with very basic things like simply making sure the doors are always locked when I'm home. So often in warm weather I get lax and leave windows open and doors unlocked wiht screens open. No more, though. Sad that we have to live that way, but there's no other option.

Shelly said...

We are still a bit lax but are now starting to tighten up the hatches. In the summer, we close up windows at night, especially 1st floor and screen doors at a minimum are always locked. I agree this is so sad to live this way, but I'm afraid soon these will be good days.

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Oh, isn't that a sad thought??!! These are the good days. *sigh*

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