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Friday, February 19, 2010


Just wanted to run a money saving tip that I ran across some time ago that may help you in your prepping. For those of you that do not know, Menards has a rebate program, that has enabled us to save money for some prepping supplies. Some of the things we have been able to acquire for free are tarps, candles, led flashlights, plant foods, etc... How to do this: on Sunday, look in your weekly Menards circular and look for the free after rebates. Buy those items and go to the service counter and in front there will be a pads across the front of the desks. Look to the bottom of your receipts and look for the numbers to match the cards. For each rebate product you will need a card. (If you buy up to the limit on tarps, say for example 2 tarps, you only need one card for those items, candles require another card) The workers at the front desk will help you if you need it. Just fill in the card, cut small portion of receipt off the bottom that corresponds with card number and mail. You can put all rebates in the same envelope. In about 4 weeks you will receive a check redeemable at Menard's to roll those rebates back into more free stuff.

On a more serious note, at least this is serious to me, do you have medical supplies or an illness that requires ongoing medications. Now would be a good time to visit your doctor and finagle an extra supply to keep in backup in the event that the economy sours and your left without insurance or in the event there is civil unrest. My youngest son is an asthmatic, and as a family, we have had some close calls. Asthma is a very serious lung condition that over time can weaken lung function. My son uses an inhaler and also a nebulizer machine regularly. The nebulizer machine gives him more relief when he is on the verge of an attack. With that in mind, we asked his doctor if our insurance would cover a portable machine, and it did. This will come in handy if we had no access to electricity and when he is playing sports, as it runs on batteries. If you or your children have asthma, this may be something to look in to.

God Bless,



Anonymous said...

I love Menards! I pretty much go there every Saturday morning, their rebate program is interesting - just put the in store rebates to your next purchases.

I normally wander around looking at the various items 'prep' related - yellow bottle HEET is inexpensive fuel for alcohol stoves, they recently had a good deal on AA and AAA batteries along with other things. We picked up some seeds, their 'heirloom' ones are very reasonably priced and worked well last year.


Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Shelly, we love Menards rebates, too! In fact I'm waiting for a $165 rebate from insulation that we bought to add to our house and game room. I had bought it in 4 different transactions, then found out I could only send in one receipt. The gal at the desk rerung the whole thing for me so it would be on one receipt. Yay!!!

Hubby has alergy induced asthma, and you're right---it's such a scary thing to think of what would happen if they couldn't breathe! Ugh! Glad you got that machine. That was great thinking.

BTW, did you ever make it to the bulk food store in Shipshewana yet?

Anonymous said...

J- Yes the battery sale was good. We scored some of those and got some seeds also. I probably have more flashlights than I need now, though. lol Hoping to score some more tarps and fertilizer/plant food this spring.

Gen- we also took advantage of the insulation sale for a little section in our basement. Check with your accountant or tax advisor, you may be able to get a 30% energy tax credit on your taxes. I have not been to Shipshewana yet. The weather has not been cooperative, but hoping to get there sometime in March.

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