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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Well healthcare has officially been signed into law and I have to say, that I almost cried. The country I served is slowly fading away to social networks, government handouts, immorality and a citizenry who believe they are owed something. Do not get me wrong, I believe healthcare needed to be overhauled, but not mandated by the federal government. I feel for those who struggle with healthcare coverage, but you are not alone. We go without healthcare coverage three months out of the year due to layoffs, but don't expect our friends and neighbors to pay our premiums or pick up the tab. Some states are going to try and fight this, but honestly I do not think this will work. The bottom line to change is to vote officials into office that are brave, patriotic and have moral character. Someone who believes in our constitution. Not someone who says they are these things, candidates that haven proven track records. If we do not vote God fearing men and women into office, nothing will ever change. I fear if we do not get it right in November, we will be at the point of no return. I am going to give you the list of those who voted yes for healthcare:

D-Steve Driehaus-Ohio 1 district
D-Marcia L. Fudge-Ohio 11 district
D-Marcy Kaptur-Ohio 9 district
D-Mary Jo Kilroy-Ohio 15 district
D-Tim Ryan-Ohio 17 district
D-Zachary Space-Ohio 18 district
D-Betty Sutton-Ohio 13th district
D-Charlie Wilson-Ohio 6th district

These elected officials must be voted out. There is good news for those in district 18. Zachary Space's term will be up in November and Dave Daubenmire wants to take his seat. Dave Daubenmire has a proven track record and is of the type of character that our country needs right now. For anyone that is interested, you can go to his page at http://coachdaveforcongress.com. Check out both links at the top of his page. This is some of the things that he stands for and he even beat the ACLU when he was sued by them, because he prayed with the team he was coaching before a game and they had to settle with him. We need someone with backbone, because cleaning up the mess in Washington is going to be very difficult.

Coach Dave’s pledge to the citizens of Ohio’s 18th congressional district:

1. Limit the size of government
We call for honesty in our government, limited to constitutional functions.

2. Protect our economic freedom
We call for a free-market economy, because it rewards hard work, creates jobs and maximizes human potential.

3. Practice fiscal responsibility, lower taxes and reduce spending
We call for lower taxes, less spending, an affordable government and the end of runaway deficits.

4. Stop Judicial Tyranny
We call for judges to be constrained by the Constitution and laws of the land.

5. Focus on national security
We call for a foreign and military policy that protects Americans, maintains our national sovereignty, secures our borders and insures our individual right to bear arms.

6. Acknowledge the centrality of faith in America
We call for the right to publicly acknowledge God.

7. Protect human life
We call for the protection of human life from conception to natural death.

8. Save traditional Marriage
We call for marriage to remain the union of a man and a woman, and we further call for families and parental rights to be strengthened.

9. Protect the rights of parents to control the education of their children
We call for educational expenditures to follow parental choice. It is time to abolish the
Department of Education.

10. Secure energy independence
We call for more exploration, development, production and use of all energy resources.

I am sorry if I have offended anyone with my opinions and political rant. But I feel part of prepping is keeping up with politics, because many of the bills being passed today are slowly taking away our freedoms and may cost us dearly in the pocket book and ultimately our liberties. If run away spending is not dealt with soon, we may be using our preps sooner rather than later.

God Bless,


Friday, March 19, 2010


Just quick post here to let you all know I'm still here. I got lazy for a bit with the blog and have been busy trying to get organized taking inventory of what we have and what we're still needing and sometimes I just like to poke around and see what others are saying out there in blogger land. And lately, what I'm reading, just makes me down right nervous. No one can not predict the future, but none of us would be prepping if we did not have some odd feeling, something is not quite right. Make sure you're regularly storing up food, water, meds. and lead.

Speaking of medicines, as I was picking up first aid supplies today, thermometers popped into my mind. Check your thermometers and make sure they work. We have gone through so many digital ones due to the batteries going dead, it's not funny. I know there is controversy with the old ones with mercury in them, but if you still have one, make sure you hang on to it. I believe they are the most reliable as far as batteries go. Also, the newer thermometers take small round batteries. When I think of storing batteries I do not think of those kind.

The sun has been shining and it has been absolutely beautiful out. As it gets warmer, the bugs will soon be out in full force. Do you need bug spray, insect repellent, mouse traps, ant traps, and the like. We do not use a lot of buggy chemicals, but do use them on spiders (the big, black fast ones) as I do not like arachnids. We get some doosies out here in the country and I spray them at dusk around the house. And yes, I am a little girl, when it comes to those boogers. My skin is just not thick when it comes to spiders. So whatever your phobia or dislike is, get your bug or rodent preps as they go on sale.

Last but not least, if any of you are like me, you may subscribe to many blogs or may have things downloaded into your computer for later use. If your saving emails that has a great recipe or good tidbit, get it printed out. Also get your files or pictures downloaded to a disk. I turned on my computer this morning and my computer health is not good. I have always heard of others nightmares with viruses and the like, and now I have my own nightmare. I have been scrambling to get things printed out and saved to another hard drive and my son is going to work his computer magic to hopefully save my computer. He had to pull up another system for me to get this blog up. If something does not make sense, do not hold it against me, as the computer is having a mind of its own and will freeze in the middle of a sentence.

I hope you are enjoying this fine weather and are thinking gardens. Hopefully you have your seeds started, if not, you may want to get that going very soon.

God Bless,

Friday, March 5, 2010


In these uncertain economic times, with unemployment running rampant, acquiring a backup skill may make sound financial sense. With Ohio’s unemployment rate at around 10.8% and local and state governments looking for ways to balance budgets, it may be fine time to look into a backup plan. No industry is immune to layoffs or closures whether you are blue collar or professional. The city of Toledo is 48 million dollars in the hole and Toledo City Schools are 30 million dollars under. There have been talks of layoffs and cutbacks to help balance the budget and of course the raising of taxes. If the city budget is not balanced the city could go into receivership or could possibly go into bankruptcy. These are very scary times and a lot people could lose their jobs. The time to prepare for loss of employment is NOW.

You may be thinking how will I get free to cheap training and make the type of money you are today. I hate to be the burden of bad news, but the likely hood that you will still be making big bucks after your company closes or you are permanently laid off is zilch. The high paying jobs are becoming harder to come by due to so many people looking for work that are willing to take smaller wages to make ends meet.

As a new or seasoned prepper, I will assume that you know you MUST pay off all debt NOW or be actively working on it. The more debt you eliminate the easier the transition will be when or if you lose your job. If you are receiving a refund from your taxes this year, now would be a good time to knock off some debt, put a huge dent into it, or set some back for “backup” job training. Just remember, you are not debt free if you have lingering doctor bills or have a house payment. Debt free means owing NO ONE, except your taxes. Also keep in mind that unemployment benefits were almost cancelled for millions of Americans that have been laid off for a long time.

My hubby is in the trades and we have seen the longest layoff ever. We are starting on four months, but we know he is going back to work soon, but have to wonder what will happen in 2011. There seems to be a lot of talk that this may be a big year as far as the economy goes. The talk circulating around the web is not good news. I have put my education on hold, due to not wanting to take on anymore student loans and are actively paying it down. I still have two more years to go and have decided to get my STNA as backup employment, should my husband have an extended layoff. The cost of the program is around $300.00. The most important thing for us is the house payment. This will keep us above water, but not comfortably. There are many cheap programs out there, just check with your local community colleges or some high schools that have adult education programs. If you were a plumber or roofer before you got your degree, brush up on new techniques and get yourself reacquainted with those lost skills you may pay for now. Stay at home moms, be prepared to be the bread winner if need be. Get yourself psychologically prepared to change roles, as this will be difficult for me as I am sure it may be difficult for others. I personally like being at home, and to be honest, I would have to bite my tongue quite a bit due to resentment, even though it would not be the hubby’s fault. Make changes financially and emotionally, and have a backup plan just in case.

God Bless,

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