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Friday, March 5, 2010


In these uncertain economic times, with unemployment running rampant, acquiring a backup skill may make sound financial sense. With Ohio’s unemployment rate at around 10.8% and local and state governments looking for ways to balance budgets, it may be fine time to look into a backup plan. No industry is immune to layoffs or closures whether you are blue collar or professional. The city of Toledo is 48 million dollars in the hole and Toledo City Schools are 30 million dollars under. There have been talks of layoffs and cutbacks to help balance the budget and of course the raising of taxes. If the city budget is not balanced the city could go into receivership or could possibly go into bankruptcy. These are very scary times and a lot people could lose their jobs. The time to prepare for loss of employment is NOW.

You may be thinking how will I get free to cheap training and make the type of money you are today. I hate to be the burden of bad news, but the likely hood that you will still be making big bucks after your company closes or you are permanently laid off is zilch. The high paying jobs are becoming harder to come by due to so many people looking for work that are willing to take smaller wages to make ends meet.

As a new or seasoned prepper, I will assume that you know you MUST pay off all debt NOW or be actively working on it. The more debt you eliminate the easier the transition will be when or if you lose your job. If you are receiving a refund from your taxes this year, now would be a good time to knock off some debt, put a huge dent into it, or set some back for “backup” job training. Just remember, you are not debt free if you have lingering doctor bills or have a house payment. Debt free means owing NO ONE, except your taxes. Also keep in mind that unemployment benefits were almost cancelled for millions of Americans that have been laid off for a long time.

My hubby is in the trades and we have seen the longest layoff ever. We are starting on four months, but we know he is going back to work soon, but have to wonder what will happen in 2011. There seems to be a lot of talk that this may be a big year as far as the economy goes. The talk circulating around the web is not good news. I have put my education on hold, due to not wanting to take on anymore student loans and are actively paying it down. I still have two more years to go and have decided to get my STNA as backup employment, should my husband have an extended layoff. The cost of the program is around $300.00. The most important thing for us is the house payment. This will keep us above water, but not comfortably. There are many cheap programs out there, just check with your local community colleges or some high schools that have adult education programs. If you were a plumber or roofer before you got your degree, brush up on new techniques and get yourself reacquainted with those lost skills you may pay for now. Stay at home moms, be prepared to be the bread winner if need be. Get yourself psychologically prepared to change roles, as this will be difficult for me as I am sure it may be difficult for others. I personally like being at home, and to be honest, I would have to bite my tongue quite a bit due to resentment, even though it would not be the hubby’s fault. Make changes financially and emotionally, and have a backup plan just in case.

God Bless,



Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Shelly, that was an excellent post. You're right, we need to prepare for whatever. Thanks for being honest about how you would feel if you hard to go out and work full time. I work only 14 hrs/wk and I've thought about how I would feel if I HAD to work full-time. I would not be happy about it either. As a stay-at-home mom, I always consider my gardening, canning, deal-getting skills, home-cooking, etc. to be my 'job' for now to help make our money go even further. I would miss all of that 'stuff' if I had to go out and work.

Oh, how I wish our house was paid off. What a relief that would be. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

At least I'm not the only one who thinks these stay at home skills/tasks are fun and would miss them. I wish our house was paid for too. Too far off into the future for me to wish for, unless I happen to scratch off a winning lottery ticket, but I don't gamble. So I'll just keep wish'n.

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

:) I don't gamble either. Guess I'll be wishin' with ya!

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