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Monday, May 3, 2010


Well it's been a while since I've posted, due to being very busy. We have been finishing up our school year and since this is our first year homeschooling our three youngest children, this has definitely been a learning year for the whole family. Time management has taken on a whole new meaning.

Up here in Northwest Ohio, it has been very soggy. Lots of beautiful spring days, but as the ground starts to dry up to start planting, we get torrential rains. I am hoping the beans I planted two weeks ago start to sprout, but fear the rain may have either buried them to deep into the soil or they were washed away. I was out checking on them and low and behold, somehow some jumped into the other vegetable bed. I will give them another week, and if I see nothing, I will replant my beans.

To all the coffee drinkers out there, save those coffee grounds. As I was emptying my coffee grounds a couple of weeks ago to go into the mulch bin, I was wondering if I could just put my coffee grounds into my soil for added fertilizer. After doing my research, I was amazed at how beneficial coffee grounds were to the gardener.

A few uses for coffee grounds are:

* Spreading coffee grounds along with orange peels into your flower and vegetable gardens will keep your outdoor cats from using your garden as a kitty litter box.

* Mixing coffee grounds along with horse manure will give you soil like the professionals use.

* You can increase your carrot and radish harvest by mixing your seeds with coffee grounds just prior to planting. ( I will just work the coffee grounds into the soil where I will put my seeds)

* You can also use coffee grounds as an insect repellent. Sprinkle coffee grounds around places you don't want ants or on ant piles. Ants will move on or stay away. It is also said that coffee grounds will also repel snails and slugs.

* You can use coffee grounds as an effective roach trap:
1. place fresh used coffee grounds into an opened glass jar
2. add a few inches of warm water and mix
3. Add a strip of duct tape or masking tape down the side of the jar vertically, (so the roach can climb into the jar)
4. place the jar overnight in a roaches favorite hangout like the kitchen or bathroom.

Cockroaches love the smell of coffee grounds. They will climb into the jar and drown in the water. (this was from a comment that I thought was interesting enough to post) If there was ever a disaster that brought about filth and waste, roaches I would think could become a serious problem, especially in the cities.

The official gardening season is fast approaching. In Ohio it is May 15. We are expecting an overnight frost in the next couple of days, so if you have tender plants that may be affected you may want to keep an eye on the weather so you can cover them up.

God Bless,

* Some info for this post came from: http://curbly.com/diy-maven/posts/1881-top-10-uses-for-used-coffee-grounds

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Andrea said...

PS: Tea bags are great fertilizer too!

Andrea said...

Great post Shelly! Coffee grounds are also great for acid-loving plants like blueberries. Our soil pH was just a bit off, so adding the coffee grounds over the course of the season created perfect growing conditions for our berries. Our 4 little blueberry plants are loaded!

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Hey Shelly! Good to hear from you again! I hope your first year of homeschooling went well and that you're planning on continuing!
I don't drink coffee, but I might have to get some grounds from someone to use in the garden!

Anonymous said...

Andrea-I'll have to put some in my new blueberry bushes this year. The ones we had last year did not make it. Hopefully the coffee grounds will be the magic trick.

Gen-great to hear from you again too! I think this year homeschooling went well, but lots of room for improvement. I think the kids learned everything they needed to, but would like to incorporate more fun into it. Time really flew this school year. This was really a big learning year for everyone. I never thought I would enjoy having my kids at home as much as I do, and am planning on homeschooling again next year. Glad ya stopped by.

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Yay! Glad to hear that you'll be doing it again! When you're all done (either because you've decided to put them back in school or because they graduate) you'll be SOOOOO happy that you got to spend that much more time with them!! I said on my kids' gradudation day that I started out doing it for them, but I believe I probably had the better end of the deal because of the time I was able to spend with them.

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