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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I hope this finds you all well and are enjoying the beautiful weather we've been having. The scorching hot temperatures were taking it's toll on my garden beds and my ability to want to be outdoors. Hopefully the weather will be taking on a more seasonal approach and I can get more done without sweating to death.

Speaking of heat, my daughter said the cutest thing to me yesterday. We were out working in the garden beds and she looked at me and said, "Mom you really need to pick the peppers." I replied to her, "that the peppers were not ready." She then informed me the heat was burning them up. I gave her that look like what do you mean. She then informed me that the peppers were turning red and that they were no good. I explained to her that the peppers were supposed to be red, but at times I pick them early, while they are still green. I thought that was the cutest thing I had heard in a long time. She is eleven, and just when I thought there were no more silly questions and comments from her anymore, I heard that.

We will have a new contributor here named Andrea. She will help out here about twice a month and she brings a wealth of information about homesteading. Hopefully this will give you more information on how to be more self-sufficient and she can fill in the gaps where I am deficient. Lets give Andrea a big welcome and on occasion, please leave comments for us so we can gain ideas as to what you want to learn and so we know you are out there.

God Bless,

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