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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Buy Your Commodities Now!

I got an interesting email from a friend this morning, in the form of a newsletter, that I want to pass on to you.  She's subscribed to an online coupon program that sends out weekly newsletters and this one bothered her.  Here are some excerpts from the "Tuesday Saver":

 "With the holidays upon us, there's good and bad news about deal hunting. First, there will be some good deals and it's a great time to stock up on pantry items, particularly baking items. The bad news is, we're headed into some inflation that's going to cause grocery prices to increase, and some of it pretty dramatically. First, the commodity markets and fuel costs are climbing again.  That means the raw materials to make goods and the costs to transport goods are increasing significantly, and that cost is going to be passed along to the consumer.

The other way we'll see this cost passed along is in yet another decrease in package size.  Two notables are ice cream - now weighing in at 1.5 quarts, down from 1.75 a few months ago, and yet we're still calling it a half-gallon, and peanut butter - down from 18 ounces to 16.3 ounces. So pay close attention to pack sizes because that sweetheart deal might actually be a worse deal that you paid for something just a few months ago because of the pack size changes.

Ultimately, reflecting on my almost twelve years of being a die-hard couponer, I think we're going to see a tough year ahead for savings, so this holiday season should be about stocking up now while you can and making the most of your saving."

This both unnerves me and validates what I've been thinking and seeing at the store for several months.  It's about to get ugly, folks!  Prices are still low, so now is the time to get busy and get that pantry stocked.  Think commodities; wheat, sugar, cooking oil, salt, canned/powdered milk.  The holidays are a great time to stock up on baking goods like white flour, brown sugar, evaporated/condensed milk and baking mixes.  And watch your weekly sales, too!  This week I found canned fruit, condensed soup and chicken/beef broth for $.49 a can.  Throw in a coupon or two and you can walk out with free products.   

But don't stop there!

-Pick up some extra socks and blue jeans as cotton prices are already rising.  If you have small children like I do, it wouldn't hurt to pick up the next size of jeans and shoes. 

-Fill up your gas and kerosene containers (and store them sensibly, please) as there are predictions of $4-5/gal gas in the coming months.

-Silver is always good, but make sure you're dealing with a reputable company.

I don't want to come off as a fear-monger or a conspiracy-theorist, but I'm afraid what we have is perfect storm brewing: high unemployment, record foreclosures and bankruptcy, and a second round of QE.  Throw in the fact that most of the world is upset at us for one reason or another and top it off with a long, cold winter and you have a real mess on your hands.  It could really get ugly, folks.  Stock your pantries and your closets and get ready to hunker down.
In His Service,

And PS-The Mister says don't forget to pick up some ammo...desperate people are capable of stupid things!

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