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Monday, November 29, 2010

Post-Holiday Let Down

Things are getting back to normal here in our household following one.busy.week.  We entertained my husband's family on Thanksgiving then afterwards went to my family's house for dessert and good times.  Everything went incredibly smoothly, with the exception of one flambeed dish of sweet potatoes LOL.  Hope you all had a pleasant holiday surrounded by people you love.  And don't forget, Thanksgiving isn't about FEELING thankful, it's about GIVING thanks.  Big difference there. 

So, did you read any of the newspaper headlines on Saturday morning?  You know the ones:




Those were just a few of the examples. 

Isn't that crazy?

Now I will confess, I went out bright and early Friday morning with my BFF Suzanne.  We went to a Columbus mall, window shopped at a kitchen store, drank hot tea at a book store and saw an alarming car fire.  We enjoyed fellowship, a cool frosty morning and a lovely warm lunch.  And not once did she elbow me or ram me with a shopping cart trying to get to that 'must have' item of the 2010 shopping season.  Not once.  Now there is a true friend for you.

But seriously, headlines from Black Friday disturb me; mainly because I see them as an indication of what people are really capable of.  If people will stand in line for 4 hours, trample a man at the door and shoot at each other in the parking lot over a toy or a TV, what would they be capable of in a Post-TSHTF scenario?  If food, clothing and necessities were the hot items of the moment, what would they be willing to do to secure those items?  Trample you?  Run you over?  Shoot you?

It's all rather frightening.

There's only a thin veneer of civility that holds our society together and should that veneer disappear, due to civil unrest, collapse, food shortages, then God help us all.

Do what you can to get ready.  If it's fear that motivates you, so be it.  If it's hope, that's great too.  What's important is that you're motivated.

Stock up on something. 

Brush up on something. 

Connect with somebody. 

Learn something.

Do what you can while times are good to be prepared for when times are bad.

In His Service,

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Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Andrea, that was a FABULOUS post! Truly. I hadn't thought of it the way you did; I hadn't compared it to a shtf scenario. But, you're right! If people would do horrible things to others over miniscule worthless 'stuff', then what would they do for food when they're starving? It makes me shudder to think of it. (I spoke with someone who almost got in a fight with another woman over video games!)We did have a wonderful day with our family. So thankful for the blessings in our life!

Ed the Pilgrim said...

I agree totally on this one. People have lost touch with what`s important in life, they let the media drive how they think and what`s of value. As for all of us, we had a very quiet relaxing day here on the farm, nobody got hurt (except the turkey!), and everybody had something they could say that they were especially thankful for this year. I spent "Black Friday" @ Aldi, the store was virtually vacant! Woo Hoo! No lines and plenty of stuff to stock up on, we filled the pantry for the winter!

Andrea said...

Thanks for the comments. It's amazing the lengths that media and big business will go to to persuade you to part with your money. Shopping is no longer a means of acquiring what you need. Now it's a culture in and of itself. Crazy.

BTW-great idea stocking up at Aldi's on Black Friday...

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Andrea, you're right. Shopping has gone from acquiring necesseties to a national pasttime to help you keep up with the Jones'. So sad.

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