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Monday, November 22, 2010

Prepping Deals and Steals

It has been awhile since I've posted here and want to thank Andrea for holding down the fort. You're doing a great job. I thought I would try something different. Once a week as I come across deals related to prepping, I will try to post them on Mondays or no later than Tuesday. From now until the New Year, there will be great deals to be had, so if you need to finish up or are just starting your prepping journey, this would be a good time to invest in preps. Not to be a fear monger, but I feel our time to get prepared for hard times are about up. Money is tightening up for most of us and unfortunately I look for it to get worse. So if you have expendable cash, it would be prudent to stock up on food, clothing (particularly shoes and socks), think about how you will heat your home and power it when you cannot afford utilities. It may come down to house payment or utilities. I know what my decision will be. So plan accordingly.
Also, think about water. Two liter bottles work well. I know the fear about plastic contaminates, but one needs clean water to survive and the last thing you will think about is BPA (I think that's what it is) in the plastic. Here are what I feel are the best deals of the week. I have to say, Menard's has some great deals.

Hands down this is probably the cheapest store to buy food preps for short term storage, especially if you like to one stop shop for food preps.

-Muellers pasta .89
-Meijer's All Purpose flour 1.25 (shelf life of about 5 yrs.)

-can vegies 2/1.00
-sugar 1.99 (will last forever is stored correctly)

-27 PC. Gun Cleaning Kit 8.88

-Rayovac Batteries 6.99 (there is a 5.00 rebate with this and I believe there is a 1.00 coupon for this as well) So 18 Batteries for .99 after rebate

-Solar Path Lights 8 pk 9.99 (Great back up light for when the power goes out and dim enough you will not stand out)

-Mens 2 pc. Thermal Underwear 5.99

-Men's 6 pack Ankle or no show socks (During the Great Depression, shoes and socks were very difficult to acquire)

EE is having a Black Friday Sale on preparedness items that may be of interest. The sale starts at 10:00 E.T. http://beprepared.com/article.asp?ai=715&

http://www.bargainstobounty.com/category/meijer/ This is a great website for coupon matchups. This is Detroit based, but the sales and coupon deals are generally the same for Ohio also.

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Gen-IL Homesteader said...

What a great idea for a different kind of post, Shelly! Looking forward to finding out about some great deals each week!

Andrea said...

I think I'm gonna love this line of posts! Thanks for the heads up.

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