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Monday, December 20, 2010


I know.  It's not even Christmas, and already I'm thinking about 2011.  Every year about this time, I give thought to what I want to do for the following year and how I intend to accomplish it.  I'm kind of weird that way, but NOTHING motivates me more than seeing that list of goals hanging on the refrigerator door, items being crossed off one at a time over the course of the year.  That really gets me going and makes me want to do even more! 
We all have those jobs/goals projects we need/want to accomplish but as we have noone to hold us accountable, they normally don't get done.  There's no shame in that; it's just the way it is. 

But what if we DID have someone challenging us to do all we can do and be all we can be?

I'd like to issue a challenge to all you crazy Bucknuts out there; we'll call it the Goals/2011 Challenge! How about we each draw up goal/project lists for 2011; you can include anything you need to do or want to do, no matter how mundane or outrageous.  You can include 1 goal or 101 goals, whatever you're up for!  You can post them here or you can keep them private, whatever you're comfortable with but the goal is to accomplish SOMETHING, ANYTHING that will lead you towards greater preparedness and self-sufficiency.  Whether that's learning to can or finally planting that blackberry patch.  Maybe taking your concealed carry training?  Or learning a skill like plumbing or carpentry.  Anything goes.  Within reason : )We'll check back in once each month to see what we've accomplished and encourage our neighbors.  Are you up for the challenge?

Since I'm not bashful, I'll post my Goals/2011 Challenge list.

First, the typical stuff:
-Trim down, eat healthier 'whole' foods on a daily basis and eat out less.
-Exercise more, specifically riding bikes with my children in the cemetery down the road.
-Finish paying off our debt, hopefully by March.
-Spend more hours serving God and my community through the church garden ministry.

And now the atypical stuff:
-Start my medicinal herb garden, probably in March.
-Make better use of the crawlspace portion of our basement.
-Learn to age hard cheeses.
-Build an outdoor shower.
-Add to our food storage, at least 3-6 months worth of extra food.
-Experiment with homemade sausage blends and sprouted wheat bread recipes.

I know those are some strange goals, but each of those items will contribute in some way to greater health, security, comfort, preparedness and self-sufficiency in bad times (and in good times too!)   So think outside the box and get busy on those lists!  And while I have the opportunity to say so....

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!      

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Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Good idea, Andrea. I do this every year as well. Haven't made my list yet, but I will soon! You've got a great list of things to learn!

Canadian Doomer said...

I just posted mine on my blog. :) Come and check it out.

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