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Sunday, January 30, 2011


I hope this post finds all you warm and doing well. As most of you may know, many areas in the midwest are expected to get the granddaddy of all snowstorms in recent memory. Northwest Ohio is supposed to get anywhere from 10-18 inches of snow or this could possibly turn into an ice storm. It is forecasted to be a dangerous storm that could cause deaths, if this turns out to be an ice event due to power outages and property damage.

Do you have an alternate heat source or can you hunker down with family that has a wood stove or fireplace? If you do have wood heat is the wood covered and do you have easy access to the wood. Ice will freeze the wood together and make it difficult to gather your wood and bring it in. Better yet, do you have a porch to store wood if you need it. Kerosene heater and extra kerosene. Both work together, so make sure the heater is working and the cans are filled. Make sure you know where the heavy blankets are should you need them. I know who wouldn't know where the heavier blankets are, but you never know.

Are the flashlights working and accessible with extra batteries? If the power goes out, it would be a good time to try the oil lamps if you have them. Are the candles out and ready? Do you have a working radio to listen for directions or updates on current conditions? Cell phones anyone! Are they charged?

Kids will get bored quickly if the electricity goes out. Are the games and playing cards handy and accessible. If the weather is as bad as predicted, we may be in for a couple days and this could be a great time to play those games we've been putting off due to busy schedules. Before the storm would be a great time to charge those gameboys if your kids have them.

Cooking! Do you have a way to heat simple foods if you have all electric power. I'm not sure if gas stoves can run without electricity, but make sure you have a simple means to heat food, unless you like to eat cold soup or raviolis.

As preppers, I would like to think we could make it a lot longer than three days without going to the grocery store, but how are you fixed on water. This is an area I have slacked on due to having well water. So for long term storage I try to remember to take a couple of containers to town when I go, but not as often as I should. So check the water as I think this is the one area alot of people take for granted. If the power goes out, so goes the water, unless your fortunate enough to have a manual well. Most of us are not that primitive anymore and have modern updates.

Check on older relatives and see if they want to ride out the storm with you. If not, see if they need anything should this storm turn out to be a doozy.

Do you have animals? Make sure they have enough bedding, food and water so they will not die. Do you have outdoor dogs? Bring them in and put them on an enclosed porch if you have one to keep them out of the elements.

Folks, prepping isn't just about a SHTF scenario, it is about being ready for the unexpected. To give you peace of mind and not have to worry about beating the crowds to the store just to find the store out of supplies. This is what it's all about. If I head to the store before the storm, it will be to pick up some sale items, IF I WANT TO, NOT BECAUSE I HAVE TO.

Be safe, stay warm and think spring,


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1 comment:

Ed the Pilgrim said...

Woo Hoo, sounds like fun! Strand me for a couple of days, I`d love it! The pantry is all stocked, the wood is all stacked, and we`re ready to go!

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