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Monday, February 21, 2011

Gardening and Firearms

I was browsing my favorite blogs this morning and found this post on Survival Mom (reprinted with permission from Backyard Food Production) and felt it crucial that everyone in the prepping/homesteading community read it. 

The long and short of the article is that a local shopkeeper declared he would never need to grow his own food and slammed a handgun down on the counter to prove it.  In a Schumer-esque situation, he'll just take what he needs from those of us who do grow food. 

Oh that's original. 

I know his line of thinking isn't new or different.  It's no real surprise.  There may even be some among you who think the same way.

What does surprise me is that this shopkeeper hasn't connected the dots and figured out that we gardeners didn't have to trade in our firearms in order to afford a tiller.  I'm surprised that in his compartamentalized little mind he thinks that you can EITHER own a gun OR grow a garden, but you can't do BOTH. 

I mean really.

Does he think that we're going to spend all spring and summer working our fingers to the bone and then stand by and watch this lazy lump raid our garden?

Does he think we only keep our great-granddaddy's Brown Bess around for dispatching rodents?


I have 3 thoughts on this topic: 

-If you think you're going to steal from my garden, you'd better carry something larger than a handgun.

-I know exactly how far it is from the back bedroom window to the edge of the garden...and I know it for a reason.

-That sign in the garden that reads "IF YOU CAN READ THIS, YOU'RE IN RANGE" isn't there for decoration.  Consider it a warning shot.

I'm trying not to get worked up about this article, but it just sickens me.  I don't know if it's just the nature of mankind to take what one wants or if it's a by-product of our entitlement culture....either way, it infuriates me. 

Care to share your thoughts?     

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Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Woo-Hoo! Preach it, girl! LOVE the sign in the garden! Better get myself one of those! Yes, the folks that think they can always be the have-nots and become the haves by taking from others are a boil on the back! What gives you the right? And a shopkeeper, no doubt! How would if feel is someone came to take his business with a gun?? What he's worked long and hard for? I'm guessing he'd be pulling out his weapon and defending what he owns!! (Just like we gardeners would!)

Ed the Pilgrim said...

I`ve had the same conversation with some of the folks on my end too! The current thought is "If I have the guns and the ammo, I can get everything else I need."

I didn`t want to break it to them that most of us know the extent of our personal borders rather well and are very perpared to defend them if need be.

But I did happen to mention that my old swedish mauser can "reach out and touch someone" from quite a distance...

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