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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Working Through The Storm

We're on day 2 of the mother of all Ohio ice storms...at least that's what the meteorologist said this morning.  Although today it's not so much the ice as the 30 mph sustained winds and the 50 mph gusts.  Ah sheesh, I love Ohio living.  In true prepper form, we had some quick-fix meals, a full kerosene stove and plenty of clean clothes in case of a power outage, but so far we've managed to stay powered up.  

Keeping occupied has been the most difficult task as our usual quiet routines have been thrown into chaos.  We normally don't make trips into town mid-week, but just knowing that we CAN'T go anywhere because of the near inch-thick coating of ice, that's making me crazy. 

So we're all feeling just a little cabin-feverish today.   To keep hands and minds busy, I've spent the past 2 days making soup, baking bread and sowing seeds.  The kids slept in, played arts and crafts and have enjoyed Wii time whenever possible.  But you can only bake so much bread and play so much Wii.  All this leads me to wonder what would happen if there truly was a SHTF scenario and we were quarantined or under curfew or whatever. 

How would I occupy the kids?

How would I occupy myself? 

How could I keep myself from going stark-raving mad and taking everyone in the house with me~?~

I'm feeling compelled to stock up on more activity books, age appropriate games, puzzles and educational toys that only come out on special occasions, such as blizzards and epidemics.  I've also been giving thought to some beginner-skills activities that would keep the kids engaged during a long winter storm.  My 5 year old daughter wants to learn to sew, so maybe some plastic canvas and yarn, just to learn the general idea?  And my 6 year old son wants to learn how to cook, so possibly a child's cookbook with simple recipes and instructions?

What plans do you have in place to entertain and educate the kids when you're snowbound?

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Ed the Pilgrim said...

Great idea! Anything that brings the children in on the "adult" activities will hold their interest for a long time. People have this unerring need to be involved and feel needed, even children. Put them to work on small activities and make it fun instead of a chore and they`ll reward you by volunteering more often!

An da good Lego set or Lincoln logs can go a long way when everybody plays ;)

GardenSERF said...

We did fairly well. I wrote a post about the last power outage from what was hopefully the last ice storm of 2011:


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