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Friday, April 15, 2011

Off The Grid News

Hey there, Buckeyes!  Hope this post finds you well and enjoying the lovely spring weather.  We've been quite busy around the homestead lately, trying to get things ready for planting and assessing damage from a rough, rough winter.  Thankfully we came through mostly unscathed, with only a few downed branches and a patch of strawberries that didn't survive. 

I just wanted to share with you a cool website I found this morning...it may be old news to some of you, but it's new and fresh and exciting to me!   http://www.offthegridnews.com/   Off The Grid News is sort of Mother Earth News meets FoxNews, if that makes sense!  There are lots of very practical articles with useful information on topics like gardening, self-defense, education with a bit of tin-foil hat stuff thrown in for good measure!  Whether you enjoy the politics or not, there is much information to be gleaned from this site! 

I hope you find it as useful as I did...and make sure you sign up for the newsletter to get the free e-book download "Food Shock". 


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Anonymous said...

I actually unsubscribed from their 'newsletter' a couple months ago because it just contained to many updates that were just to far out there and the constant 'buy from our advertisers' mantra. The guy has several 'prep' sites to sell preparedness information for ridiculous prices and items that you just don't need or can find for free. Many of the articles don't contain real information, just a general glossing of the topic.

Sorry, but I believe that site is only out to make money - very similar to sites back in the Y2k days.

Andrea said...

Thanks for your comment. I agree some of the articles are vague, but so far, I'm enjoying the site. If it becomes a huge ordeal with the site pushing his advertisers, I'll be unsubscribing too!

Anonymous said...

I gave it another shot and once again that site showed me how much they are just in it to make money, tired of the investing and must buy this $65 manual for you to survive. Seriously, I'm hating the commercialization prepping has become. Everyone now has a youtube channel (don't forget to go to their sponsors or amazon site to buy stuff), or other prep blogs where they have their amazon site to buy stuff from or sponsors along the right side.

Anonymous said...

Geeze people, how hard is it to skip over an ad?

I for one like to see people make money, it helps roll the economy, it provides jobs not only for the people who work for the publisher but also the sponsors and the people who work for the sponsors.

As long as no one is scamming anyone, big flippin deal. And if they are scamming people then word will spread like wildfire and they will fail...good, thats the way business works.

I'm sick and tired of people in the survival and preparedness communities bitching and whining about socialism and no jobs and a bad economy, and then they turn around and bitch and whine because someone is making money off of their website....so what!, this is America, people have a right to run a business.


And dont expect people to work for FREE!!! thats what socialists do.

I think the survival and preparedness communities are too full of closet socialists who don't like to see others earn a few bucks

Anonymous said...

I also want to add, if it weren't for the commercialization of survival and preparedness we would not even know of nearly half of all the good deals out there and great new innovations to make our lives easier and more sustainable if it weren't for people to have a financial incentive to come up with better products and services and more affordable prices....

Gamma seals for food storage buckets for example, mylar bags, solar chargeable prep items, O2 absorbers, advancements in water filtration etc...etc...

I like to see new things and ideas, new products, better service. So bring it on.

I'd much rather see ads in magazines and blogs than those people collecting welfare checks or unemployment.

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